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Our mission is simple: to change safe sex as you know it. It started with our closest-to-wearing-nothing SKYN non-latex condoms. It continues today. Enjoy the ride.

Weekends are the perfect time to 'sleep' in with your partner http://t.co/fu56O0kis8
RT @MensHealthMag: The 6 rules to follow when dating a coworker: http://t.co/9iEYhmK6Vg
Spring time means new beginnings for you and for your #sex life. Go start something this weekend. http://t.co/CEyH4SAazH
Celery causes arousal in men and makes them more attractive to women. How's that for an reason to eat your veggies? #SexFacts
Full body kissing releases hormones that make you feel better and more connected to your partner #SexFacts
RT @SexWithEmily: Twelve percent of adults have had sex at work.” Not that I'm encouraging it but.. Let’s get busy ;) #SexFacts
Just in case you need another excuse to get busy tonight... #LoversDay http://t.co/oNPPNj6McS
You know what to do this #LoversDay
RT @MensHealthMag: How to spice up your marriage: http://t.co/lg129lZmY1
Today's the day to have #sex outdoors #EarthDay http://t.co/xyMoPoOpBZ
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