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Our mission is simple: to change safe sex as you know it. It started with our closest-to-wearing-nothing SKYN non-latex condoms. It continues today. Enjoy the ride.

Grocery Shopping? Pick up something for the bedroom #SexChallenge http://t.co/5n7SsVwMKj
RT @Cosmopolitan: You know it's Easter weekend when Peeps are trying out Cosmo sex positions: http://t.co/xrER88DK92 http://t.co/Wa1C6xmx7g
Most of the time long distance relationships suck. Here are some upsides via @Cosmopolitan http://t.co/OOEHYfg9Bw
Packing for a music festival? Make sure you're prepared. Free love should also be safe #SexTip
Science says a woman can alter her voice to sound sexier…especially when she says your name http://t.co/ZF7LhuxkdE #SexFact
Most people have sex on Fridays & Saturdays. Hope you're excited for the weekend. #SKYNSexSurvey http://t.co/xjKy0PZLzn
Better dates lead to better sex: reset your dating expectations for more satisfaction, in and out of bed http://t.co/49p3lSdCb0 @MensFitness
Never let go: we love @Cosmopolitan's 10 sex tips from Titanic. Watching the movie is the tip of the iceberg http://t.co/ywUZYQhQJJ
It's finally warm enough to open the pool and take a dip. We suggest you make it skinny #SexChallenge
Spontaneous sleepovers are more fun when you have an overnight bag packed. What's in your weekender? #SKYN http://t.co/Mlo0z0zHTH
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