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Our mission is simple: to change safe sex as you know it. It started with our closest-to-wearing-nothing SKYN non-latex condoms. It continues today. Enjoy the ride.

Funky tasting semen? Staying hydrated should help! Experts suggest about 2 liters a day. http://t.co/nXUIhoiEoc
Give her the best orgasm of her life by reading about oral sex misconceptions and how to correct them #SexTips http://t.co/TE86BVNhK6
Heading back to college soon? Here are the essentials… http://t.co/UmIBAgSVoF
Venus (the planet of love) is in retrograde. Here's what that means for your love life: http://t.co/jeaswd43VM
Celebrate #WomensEqualityDay by contributing to the cause and giving your girl an orgasm http://t.co/fWRpv13sIw
Apparently, peeing in the shower can lead to better orgasms for women. We know you're curious, so read more here: http://t.co/j9AoTDk0jF
35% of single men have faked an orgasm #SexFacts
The guy's guide to make-up sex in honor of #KissAndMakeUpDay http://t.co/CC7sJSK5CQ
A recent study found that lack of communication is the most common reason for a breakup (almost twice as common as infidelity) #DatingFacts
Here's a list of 7 ways millennials are having sex differently (we think #7 is pretty exciting!) http://t.co/yyUkDkjQL2
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