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Our mission is simple: to change safe sex as you know it. It started with our closest-to-wearing-nothing SKYN non-latex condoms. It continues today. Enjoy the ride.

Hurry! You only have few hours left before the weekend ends. Make every minute count in bed. #SexChallenge
You should touch her often. But there are places you should never touch, via @Menshealthmag http://t.co/DGJtS8rlz6
A little chocolate syrup never hurt anyone. Learn how to safely use food during foreplay here: http://t.co/OvD08vDxZI http://t.co/W8SYi7vupK
Spice things up even more tonight with Turbo Charged. Get excited! http://t.co/lyCtpIzGSv http://t.co/njyZ3A2rUI
People who are open to discussing their sexual fantasies are reported to be more sexually satisfied. Start talkin'! http://t.co/daIETDpI5S
What a Man's Height Says About His Sex Life; apparently, size does matter, via @WomensHealthMag http://t.co/iJYwSa78eO
Staying in tonight with your partner? Turn off the AC. Turn off all the lights. And the rest will follow. #SexTips http://t.co/cNEbADuSAl
Are you ever too old to have sex? Find out here, via @MensHealthMag http://t.co/JvDBfvljc3
Celery contains androsterone, a hormone released in male sweat that turns women on. #SexFacts http://t.co/rYR6Pan6zB
Running low? Order Pleasure Collection before you leave work and stock up on a variety of condoms! #WeGotYouCovered http://t.co/a1Q0fZHwfM
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