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Our mission is simple: to change safe sex as you know it. It started with our closest-to-wearing-nothing SKYN non-latex condoms. It continues today. Enjoy the ride.

Feeling indecisive? Try 3SUM - three waves of pleasure in one condom http://t.co/oOBVLK2Aep
Planning a trip? 52% of men and 41% of women have had one-night stands while traveling #SexFacts
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Looking to get lucky tonight? Here's 12 random ways to turn her on. http://t.co/isoevNtilK
Celebrating Memorial Day in the great outdoors? 60% of women and 55% of men have had sex outside #MemorialDay http://t.co/3M9pOGnAb9
10 things men wish women knew about sex… via @Cosmopolitan http://t.co/GSTzykLK6v
Allergies getting to you? Sex is the answer! It’s a proven antihistamine #SexFacts
Make sure to use your condom sense this weekend #SafeSex http://t.co/MxaPLBaJpS
Going on a road trip this weekend? Outside of the bedroom, the car is the most common place to have sex #SexFacts http://t.co/JbdR9fKh2d
18 surprising sex tips from men #SexTips http://t.co/i3AX7ud5fm
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