Women share trials and tribulations of sex

A new book edited by author Erica Jong highlights the diverse and exciting sex lives of women by gathering different anecdotes from respected female authors. The goal is to make it easier for readers to be honest with themselves and embrace their sexuality, according to NPR.

The novel, Sugar In The Bowl, has one tale by gossip columnist Liz Smith, in which she details her experience losing her virginity to her cousin. In another, author Elisa Albert discusses sex after bearing children. It's not all stories, either. Graphic novelist Marisa Marchetto designed a comic strip that shows a dream sequence – in it, Marchetto experiences what it's like to have a penis.

"The women of this collection make the case that good sex is never exclusively about the act, but also about how you approach it," NPR reports.

Jong explains that when she first set out to create the book, it was surprisingly difficult to find women who were willing to write about their sexual health and activities. Many had to check with their husbands, or even their children, before contributing.

She hypothesizes that this shows that attitudes toward sex haven't quite changed as much as we may have thought, despite the rumors of a rampant hook-up culture that no longer concerns itself about secrecy and sex. Jong goes on to describe that it can be difficult to straddle the line between classy and trashy when writing about sex.

"Sex, once so literary and rare, got dumbed down like everything else," she writes. "When published sex became ubiquitous, it also became banal. Profit triumphed over art, and pornography became as dreary as other sleazy products in a culture where everything is for sale."

So far, Sugar in My Bowl has received glowing, five-star reviews on Amazon and a number of notable praises from mainstream reviewers such as The Chicago Sun-Times, Booklist and Publishers Weekly.

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