Will more sex save you from a heart attack?

Here's a good reason to start getting busy – a new study finds that individuals who have frequent sex may be at a lower risk of suffering from a heart attack. Furthermore, couch potatoes who don't exercise or knock boots often may be more likely to go into cardiac arrest.

The study, which was published in a recent edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association, was conducted by researchers at Boston's Tufts Medical Center. They analyzed more than a dozen studies and found that the risk for a heart attack among individuals who don't exercise regularly increases 3.5 times after engaging in strenuous activity, including sex.

However, regular rolls in the hay with a partner could reduce this post-sex risk. The researchers emphasized the fact that they were not in any way discouraging sex or exercise.

"Hopefully no one misunderstands our point," Issa Dahabreh, one of the researchers, told NPR. "We are a little bit worried that people will think that this is a risk for exercise."

In fact, many medical experts have pointed out that safe sex is good for the body and soul. According to WebMD, routine bedroom sessions help burn calories, reduce stress and strengthen the immune system.

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