Visit your local sex museum

What better way to learn about the history and variety of sex than to visit a museum on the topic? There are many galleries and exhibits dedicated to the art of getting busy, and they are great hot spots for dates or outings with friends.

Here in the U.S., there are museums dedicated to knocking boots in New York, Miami and Las Vegas. The Erotic Heritage Museum in Sin City features 2,000-square-feet and offers the opportunity to glimpse artifacts relating to sex, such as silent film pornography and plaster casts of some famous body parts, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Those visiting Europe would be remiss to skip a visit to Amsterdam's Sex Museum. The facility features a wide variety of sex toys and plenty of information about any fetish imaginable.

Nonthaburi, Thailand, is host to the Condom Museum. The gallery, which is actually located inside the Department of Medical Sciences building, promotes awareness of sexually transmitted infections, and aims to educate the public about pregnancy prevention.

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