Virgins experience sex differently, as do men and women

A study from Saitama University outside of Tokyo, Japan finds that male and female brains experience sex differently. Researchers examined the brains of rats to see if a specific part of the brain which is larger in males was affected by sex. They hope that their research sheds some light on how differently men and women may experience sex.

Additionally, researchers wanted to know if sex changes your brain. To investigate this, the team compared the brains of rats who had not had sex with those who were experienced. During this comparison, they found that the virgin rats had a larger number of small spines connecting their brain cells than males who had fornicated previously, according to The Daily Mail.

The researchers believe that in the future, there may be a pharmaceutical way to maintain these spines, which potentially could increase libido.

Stuart Tobet, a neuroscientist from the U.S., told The Daily Mail that the studies provide "a glimpse into how changes in the structure of spines contribute to the ability to display sexual behaviors in rats and perhaps by extrapolation, to other mammals, including humans."

Researchers believe that the change in spines may be caused by a hormonal changes that activate when a male rat is in the same space as a female.

The news source reports that other studies conducted in the U.S. have found that giving animals high doses of sex hormones cause a spike in the number of spines in their brain, which in turn makes them much more interested in sex.

This may be exciting news for guys who are preparing to "validate their v card", but it's important to remember that one can contract sexually transmitted infections even if it's their first time. For this reason, it's always a safe bet to wear condoms to keep yourself and your partner safe.

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