Vibrators no longer a taboo subject

While discussion of vibrators used to be a blush-inducing subject, it appears that times are changing. In fact, The New York Times reports that more and more vibrating devices are finding their ways on to store shelves, into advertisements and into the bedroom.

There is a wide variety of vibrating devices available for sale, and they are no longer only purchasable at sex shops and online. The A:muse Personal Pleasure Massager by LifeStyles® condom manufacturer first appeared in drug stories in 2007, the news source reports.

The increase in the visibility of vibrators may be due in part to a sexual revolution. Women and their partners are becoming less inhibited when it comes to their bedroom activities, and owning a vibrator is no longer something to be ashamed of. Furthermore, vibrating devices are being used for more than masturbation – many couples use toys as a prelude to sex.

A recent LifeStyles® survey found that 81 percent of women are open to using toys, such as the Vibrating Ring, in bed. Whether they're being used as foreplay or during the act itself, turning up the vibrator when the lights get low can spice things up for both members of a couple.

According to Vibrators FAQ, there is no difference between a sexual massager and a vibrator. Often, companies will refer to a product as a massager to obscure the true sexual nature of the object. This trend has resulted in many companies openly marketing their vibrating toys as massagers.

The website also suggests that couples who are considering adding a toy into their bedroom repertoire should select the toy themselves, and be sure to talk about sex and toys freely before making any serious decisions about lovemaking routines. 

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