Transformers 3′s sex advice

Transformers 3 has proven to be a blockbuster hit, a success that has followed two equally successful predecessors. While most of the movie is about explosions, fighting robots and saving the world, there is some time dedicated to the delicate art of building relationships and sexual health

In fact, sexuality counselor Ian Kerner writes on that his own book, She Comes First, is featured in the film for a brief period. The main character, Sam, is given the guide by his mother as a way to help him with his relationship. His dad sighs on-screen and says, "Happy wife, happy life."

Kerner admits that while he didn't have access to this kind of resource in his youth – a book that emphasizes putting the pleasure of the female partner over that of the male – he writes that he gets many emails from readers asking whether they should give She Comes First to their children as a method for teen sex education.

He believes that it's important to help children along as they discover themselves, especially when they are already so inundated with sexuality from the media.

"More than any Internet filter we can install on our their computers, we can help them by trying to give them the information and self-esteem they need to make smart, healthy decisions about sex and intimacy – decisions that don’t just protect them in the short-term, but also allow them to enjoy healthy intimate relations when they grow up," he explains.

He suggests beginning the dialogue by asking a child what they've heard about sex and what they believe about it, and going from there.

If there's a chance that kids are sexually active, it is important to talk about how to use a condom as well. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that using a condom can significantly reduce the risk of STDs and pregnancy. 

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