Town celebrates inventor of condom with wild stunt

The inventor of the latex condom, Julius Fromm, would have been 128 years old on March 4 this year. To celebrate his legacy, a group from Fromm's home town of Konin, Poland, placed an over-sized condom over a phallic statue in the town, according to United Press International.

"Not many know that right here in Konin, the inventor of the latex condom was brought into the world," said Waldemar Duczmal, a member of the Action Konin group, which completed the stunt. "We discovered him a year ago and tried to bring him to the attention of the town."

However, it appears as though the group's previous efforts to memorialize the safe-sex inventor and advocate went unnoticed. This year's stunt was intended to draw more attention to Fromm among the townspeople living in his native area.

According to Spiegel Online, Fromm patented his ultra-thin version of the condom in 1916, and began to mass-produce the contraceptive soon after World War I.

The "condom" used in the public stunt was actually a large plastic bag featuring the inventor's name. It fit over the human-sized statue, which many in the town of Konin refer to as "the penis" because of its shape, according to the news source. 

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