Top Valentine’s Day gifts to heat things up and keep it sexy

Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate love, relationships – and sex! While some couples may focus more on the romantic dinners and glasses of champagne, it's important to remember that part of being in love is having great sessions between the sheets. If you're looking for gifts that will really get that special someone steamed up, consider some of these fantastic ideas.

1. Personal vibrators

One of the best ways to kick things up a notch in the sack is to introduce toys into your routine. Vibrating devices not only add stimulation to what is already a wild experience, but also allow partners to keep things spicy and fresh.

Guys may be afraid that their girlfriend or wife will only want to use a vibrating device when he's not around, but that is far from true. Many products, such as the LifeStyles® a:muse™ Personal Pleasure Massager, are designed for couples to use together.

And ladies, don't think that your man won't be happy with a little vibrating present himself. For instance, the LifeStyles® Vibrating Ring™  is ideal for the horny man in your life. Once your guy unwraps this present and tries it on for size, he'll be thanking you for your thoughtfulness in more ways than one.

2. Underwear

Who doesn't love a new pair of undies? This Valentine's Day, get your partner something that will make your foreplay all the more exciting. Though not everyone will be able to appreciate your lover's new skivvies, once the clothes come off and the lights are turned down low, a new pair of briefs for him and a sexy new bra for her will help set the mood.

If you're new to the relationship, you may not know what type of underwear your partner prefers. Fear not – this gives you the perfect excuse to go shopping on February 14. Have your babe take you to their favorite store – and don't be afraid to ask them to model some of the undies in the dressing room. Once they find a pair they (and you) adore, be sure to pull out your wallet or purse before they're given the chance to pay for it on their own.

3. Condoms

We know what you're thinking – condoms? For Valentine's Day? But never underestimate the sensuality and tenderness of safe sex. Buying condoms for your loved one will let them know that you want to get down and dirty while still staying clean.

Girls, why not purchase flavored condoms? This gift might make him giggle initially, but it's sure to come in handy during some intimate moments.

Guys, condoms can be a great gift for the woman in your life as well. If buying for a lady, show her you care by picking out a rubber designed specifically for her pleasure, such as ®LifeStyles 3Sum Condoms.

4. Something Kinky

This is a suggestion for the couples who may want to let their darker side out in the bedroom. There are a number of potential gifts – from mild to wild – that can be classified as "kinky." Of course, it's important to make sure you and your partner are on the same page before picking up a pair of fuzzy handcuffs. But if both of you are eager to try something new, then make this Valentine's Day about whatever tickles your fancy.

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