Think twice before scolding your partner’s wandering eye

While it may make some people jealous, a new study argues that reprimanding a significant other for checking out other people they see in their day-to-day life may actually be harmful to a relationship. Furthermore, allowing a partner to glance at a hottie every once in a while could enhance the relationship.

The study, which was published by the American Psychological Association, argues that "limiting people's attention to attractive alternatives reduced relationship satisfaction and commitment and increased positive attitudes toward infidelity."

To come to this conclusion, participants in the study were shown photos of strangers, then given a questionnaire inquiring about their relationship satisfaction. When the amount of photos of attractive people was limited, the individuals reported a lower level of satisfaction, according to

The researchers suggest that instead of reprimanding a partner for ogling a stranger, couples focus on complimenting each other's physical appearance, and being open and trusting of each other.

Part of being comfortable with your partner involves talking about sex often, and being sure both members of the pairing are satisfied in the bedroom.

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