The over-exposure of sex

A new article on notes that there has been a trend of literature in the recent months that takes aim at young women's sexuality and overall sexual health, remarking upon the fact that attitudes about knocking boots may have significantly changed from generation to generation. 

But not in the way that one may think. Instead, author Erica Jong claims in The New York Times that, "among younger women, [there is] a nostalgia for '50s-era attitudes toward sexuality."

Jong's piece is not alone in examining the new hook-up culture and trying to explain it in terms of monogamy, intimacy and passion.'s Amanda Marcotte claims that "a common cause [for these articles] tends to be… the competing claims that young women are doing it too much or that young women aren't doing it enough."

There seems to be a sense that the hook-up culture – and the baby boomers' concept of free love – have actually worked to saturate culture with sex to the point where people have become exhausted by it.

Marcotte reasons that this is faulty thinking, because the concept addresses sex as if it was a finite resource. She writes that "sex is more like a muscle," and those who don't use it will end up losing it.

A British survey found that each generation of women has had more sexual partners than their predecessors – in many cases, three times as many as their grandmothers, according to The Telegraph.

People around the world will always be looking to experiment and have fun, fulfilling flings and relationships. The key to any of these romps, however, is to remember to use condoms each time, as The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that these contraceptives can prevent pregnancy and common STDs.  

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