The most lusty cities in the U.S.

Forbes Magazine analyzed data to come up with a listing of U.S. cities that seemed most prone to each of the seven deadly sins. The statistics for lusty cities sheds some interesting light on the bedroom habits of the American populace.

The magazine analyzed the data of condom and other contraceptive purchases of many well-known urban centers in the nation. They created an index for the amount of condom sales, with the average ranking of 100.

At the top of the list is Denver, Colorado, which was ranked at a whopping 289. This figure means that residents of the mile-high city are buying 189 percent more condoms than average, according to the stud.

"I would love for Denver to be the condom capital of the U.S.," Dr. Kees Rietmeijer, director of the Sexually Transmitted Diseases Control Program at the Public Health Department in Denver, told the news magazine. "We do have campaigns to educate the public about avoid unwanted pregnancy and [sexually transmitted infections.]"

San Antonio, Texas, and Portland, Oregon, tied for second place in the ranking. Seattle and Salt Lake City rounded out the top six.

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