Teens help educate each other about sex

In York County, Pennsylvania, young people are taking an interesting approach to teen sex education. A group of teens in an area high school are helping raise awareness about sexually transmitted infections, safe sex and condoms by acting as peer educators, according to The York Daily Record.

Around 20 young women in York County have taken part in training classes at Planned Parenthood. The 30-hour program helped the girls understand how to talk about sex with members of their generation, the benefits of using a condom, birth control and other preventative measures. The young women now hold classes at their own school, and are on hand during the day for anyone who has questions about sex and sexual health.

The newspaper tells the story of one student who decided he wanted to have sex with his girlfriend. He spoke to a young lady named Mollie Divet, who had undergone the training. Duvet supplied the boy with condoms, and even gave him a few quick tips about how to use a condom as a form of STD prevention and pregnancy prevention.

The ladies encounter a number of tough questions, and tackle many myths. During one meeting at Planned Parenthood, the teenagers discussed an upcoming visit to a homeless shelter for boys. The trainees talked about messages that they thought were important to convey to the young men at the shelter, such as the fact that birth control pills don't work 100 percent of the time.

As part of a campaign for sexual health during the month of April, which was "Get Yourself Tested" month, the peer educators wore bright t-shirts with messages about STD testing on them.

Using a condom every time you have sex is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of STDs, and helps prevent unwanted pregnancies. 

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