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Condoms to the rescue in New Zealand

While many volunteer groups have been working to provide aid for people in New Zealand following the recent earthquake, one group is taking a unique approach. The Get It On! organization is sending condoms and lube to the region in … Read more

RIC students hold sex toy bingo event

Students at Rhode Island College recently held a unique event that is sure to make sparks fly in the campus dorm rooms. Deidre O'Donnell, a student intern with the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, oversaw the Sex Toy Bingo … Read more

Vibrator causes bomb scare at Russian post office

When workers at a post office in northwest Russia heard a strange ticking sound coming from a package, they quickly called the bomb squad. However, when the professionals opened the parcel, they didn't find an explosive device – instead they … Read more

Play examines the history of the vibrator

In The Next Room, a play currently featured at the Lincoln Center Theater in New York, examines the early days of the vibrator. The storyline follows a woman who is being treated for "hysteria" through the use of a sex … Read more

Expert weighs in on whether size matters

It's an age-old question: How much does the size of your member matter? Ian Kerner, a sexuality counselor and columnist for CNN, recently wrote an article discussing this topic, and his conclusions may surprise some. "Gentlemen, unless you are in … Read more

The often elusive female orgasm

Women who have not experienced an orgasm likely still enjoy having safe sex with their partners – but those who have reached climax know that sex with an orgasm is very different from one without. But how does one overcome … Read more

Vibrators no longer a taboo subject

While discussion of vibrators used to be a blush-inducing subject, it appears that times are changing. In fact, The New York Times reports that more and more vibrating devices are finding their ways on to store shelves, into advertisements and … Read more

Condoms to the rescue in New Zealand

While many volunteer groups have been working to provide aid for people in New Zealand following the recent earthquake, one group is taking a unique approach. The Get It On! organization is sending condoms and lube to the region in … Read more

Getting in the zone is the key to great sex

When you're in the bedroom with your partner, what are you thinking about? Are you worried about a job or waiting for a text message from a friend? Maybe you're thinking about the Periodic Table for an upcoming exam.  The … Read more

Red wine linked to higher sexual desire in women

A new study performed in Italy that recorded data from 800 women aged 18 to 50 revealed that the compounds that are present in red wine may actually enhance levels of sexual desire in women more so than the chemicals … Read more

The secret of a man’s hand

There have always been common methods of sizing a man up – whether looking at feet size or hand size – but most studies have discredited these theories. However, new research from South Korea has revealed that there may be … Read more

How to pick out your first vibrator

More and more couples are choosing to use vibrating devices are part of their sexual activity. If you're considering purchasing a sex toy for yourself or your partner, you may want to keep some useful tips in mind, according to … Read more

Common bedroom mistakes men make

Whether you're in a steady relationship and have slowly been gaining confidence with your sexual prowess over the years or have just had enough one-night stands to know the ropes, one of the biggest mistakes men can make is to … Read more

When it comes to sex, men and women can be a switch or an iron

Ian Kerner, a sexuality counselor, recently touched on the changing roles of men and women's sexual identities on by likening their arousal to switches and irons. It's a common saying that means men can be turned on as quickly … Read more

Syphilis, chlamydia rates increase 43 percent among older adults

A recent analysis of data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that there was a 43 percent spike in chlamydia and syphilis rates among older adults – particularly baby boomers – from 2005 to 2009, according to … Read more

The parent trap

It's no secret that once parents begin taking care of their kids, their sex lives can suffer. It's harder to find privacy during the day and even if there is some time to sneak between the sheets, there's always a … Read more

Money, youth and sex

Comprehensive new research from Relationships Australia touched on a number of categories when it comes to sexual activity and one of the most interesting revelations was that wealthy people appear to have more sex than those in lower income categories, … Read more

Lack of confidence may mean a higher chance of straying

A new Canadian study published in The Archives of Sexual Behavior has concluded that men who are more anxious about their sexual performance are more likely to cheat on their partners.  "Few studies on infidelity have gone beyond exploring demographics," … Read more

Women would rather have a pet than have sex?

A new analysis of existing studies on sexual attitudes around the globe has found that women generally don't have the same sex drive as men. So, in at least some cases, you may be able to rest assured that it … Read more

Make sure that your sex life doesn’t take a dive with the stock market

Ian Kerner, a sexuality counselor, recently wrote for that as the economy goes worse and Americans remain shaky about their job security or prospects, they may start cutting expenses. This can impact a couple's sex life almost right off … Read more

New USB drive may give you the release you need at work

Those looking for their own afternoon delight at work may have the chance thanks in part to a brand new vibrating device that blends in as a typical office supply. The Duet USB drive is waterproof and available in a … Read more

Top 5 steamy holiday gifts for her

Alright guys – the pressure is on. The holidays are just around the corner, and if you haven't been hunting for the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend, then you are in danger of having some serious issues come … Read more

What’s sexy about the holidays?

Egg nog, Christmas trees and snowmen – all of these remind us of holiday cheer – but none of them can be defined as sexy. However, that's not to say that this time of year doesn't have its fair share … Read more

Steamy resolutions for a sexy new year

With the holiday season behind us, it's time to look forward to 2012. Many people choose to take up rather ambitious resolutions for the upcoming year, though they often fall short of their goal. This year, why not give your … Read more

Keeping things steamy during winter

The long hours of darkness and cold weather of winter can bring about depression, which can have a negative impact on one's sex life. Those who feel that their libido is depleted during the snowy months can take a few … Read more

Making your bedroom a sex haven

Get rid of the notion that your bedroom is simply for sleeping. The master suite in your home, even if it's scarcely bigger than a closet, is also where you are most likely to get busy. If you really want … Read more

New study sheds light on why some women fake it

While many men go above and beyond to help the women in their lives achieve orgasm, some may still be nagged by the question – Is she faking it? Like it or not, some women may pretend to orgasm, and … Read more

The top myths of male sexuality

Male sexuality is often viewed as something that isn't nearly as complex as that of females. The general understanding of guys is that if you show them someone attractive, they'll be ready to go within a matter of seconds. … Read more

Get lucky and avoid ruining the mood

We've all been there. You and your partner are getting hot and heavy, well into foreplay, and then something happens that puts an end to the fun. While you can't always predict when a fire alarm will go off or … Read more

Why she doesn’t feel like doing it

Nothing puts a damper on a sex life like when a partner consistently isn't in the mood. This can prove to be a complicated and frustrating problem for many couples, but the real issue is not solving it, but figuring … Read more

Dr. Ruth discusses her life as a renowned sexpert

Dr. Ruth Westheimer has been one of the most prominent experts on sex in society. Through television and radio, she has provided the answers to countless questions about safe sex, sexually transmitted infections and relationships. The doctor recently sat down … Read more

Advice for men: don’t assume she’s as turned on as you are

A recent article by Fox News suggests that a common issue among sex partners stems from a false assumption. Some men who are raring to go in the bedroom may presume that their partner is just as eager to get … Read more

Expert says boomer lifestyle, including sex habits, is dangerous

Jim Bacon, author of Boomergeddon, recently sat down with CNN to discuss some of the habits of the baby boomer generation. He voiced his concerns that much of the lifestyle behaviors of the demographic, from their diets to their medications … Read more

What constitutes foreplay?

When you think of the term "foreplay," what images come to mind? Some of us may think of back massages and making out, while others might envision much steamier activities. The truth of the matter is that foreplay means many … Read more

Five reasons why the real thing is better than porno

Pornography can be enjoyable for a quick masturbation session, but nothing beats the real thing. While some people may argue that watching a video or flipping through a magazine is enough to satisfy one's sexual needs, we've compiled a list … Read more

Top Valentine’s Day gifts to heat things up and keep it sexy

Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate love, relationships – and sex! While some couples may focus more on the romantic dinners and glasses of champagne, it's important to remember that part of being in love is having great sessions … Read more

Returning to the Single Life

The classic song doesn’t lie – breaking up really is hard to do. Even after the arguments and tears have stopped, heartache may persist. One problem many newly-single people face is stepping back into the dating world. After a long … Read more

The Five Best times to Get Busy

Good sex is enjoyable any time of day or night, but there are some moments in life that really make bedroom fun as fantastic as it gets. A lot of it comes down to personal choice, but we can think … Read more

Overcoming Sex Distractions

Sometimes sex is so mind-blowing that it seems as though there is no one else in the world but you and your lover. Other times, outside distractions can cause bedroom activity to come to a screeching, disappointing halt. Here are … Read more

Baby on board? Sex can still happen

From diapers to bottles to long nights spent awake with a crying baby, all too often new moms and dads have little time to spend alone together – which means fewer opportunities for getting frisky. However, with some careful planning … Read more

Moving on after you and your man break up

It may be nice to think your relationship will last forever, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Whether you thought your man was the one or you knew things were coming to a close, the end of a … Read more

A guide for living with your girlfriend

Moving in together is a big step in a relationship, and can be cause for anxiety. Whether you’re picking out a new place together, shipping off to your girlfriend’s apartment or inviting her to take up residence at your pad, … Read more

Helpful hints for successfully moving in with your man

Whether you’ve been dating for a few months or a few years, moving in with your boyfriend is a huge step and there are a few things to keep in mind when you decide to take things to the next … Read more

Vibrators are less taboo and more accessible than ever

Human sexuality has become far more prominent in modern culture over the past few decades, and as the subject becomes less taboo, so do many practices associated with it. Sex toys, for example, have been a part of the sexual … Read more

Close out that porn site and step away from your laptop

Have you heard of Rule 34? It may not be in any law books, but it’s a commonly cited belief on the Internet – “If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions.” Indeed, anyone who is over 18 … Read more

Get wet with your lover this summer

The official start of summer is just a few days away, and swimming season is in session. Jumping in the pool or filling a glass with ice water are great ways to stay cool, but they can also help heat … Read more

So you’ve decided to test your limits

Remember when you first started having sex, and everything seemed so fresh and exciting? Now that you’re a veteran in the sack, the act of knocking boots might have lost some of its original luster. Switching up partners every now … Read more

Fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re single

Just because Valentine’s Day is aimed at lovers, doesn’t mean you have to skip the whole holiday if you’re currently unattached. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the festivities when you’re single, whether you want to spend the day … Read more

Sexy games you can use to spice up your Valentine’s Day

You’ve booked a dinner reservation, picked up the perfect gift and and set aside a bottle of champagne. Does this mean you’re all ready for a fantastic Valentine’s Day? Not if you haven’t planned some bedroom adventures in your holiday … Read more

5 Things You Should Know before Losing Your Virginity

Losing your virginity can be a nerve-wracking experience. Until you've actually had a session between the sheets, the world of sex can seem both alluring and intimidating. If you're gearing up to have your first roll in the hay, here … Read more

Preparing Your Apartment for Your First Sleepover with Your Girl

For many guys, the first few dates with a girl are all a means to an end – getting the girl to spend the night at your place. Read more