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Condoms shouldn’t go out of style, even when you’re 80

Maybe it’s a paradox – young people want to have long sex lives, but they get grossed out reading about elderly people who still do it. If that’s you, you may want to avert your eyes. Health authorities in the … Read more

In-home STI testing kit may help protect young adults

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are a too-common occurrence among young adults. Many individuals may be hesitant to visit a doctor to get tested, because they are embarrassed or do not have the proper resources to do so. This in turn … Read more

Were the Victorians kinky?

A new book titled Pleasure Bound: Victorian Sex Rebels and the New Eroticism, chronicles the steamy (and kinky!) sex lives of people living during the Victorian era. recently conducted an interview with the author, Deborah Lutz, who gave an … Read more

McGill University makes safe sex sexy

Canada's McGill University is taking an interesting approach to promoting safe sex. The school recently opened a new on-campus sex boutique, known as the Shagalicious Shop, which provides the student body with an affordable way to purchase condoms and other … Read more

New app provides sex ed on the sly

A group of students at Salford University have created an app for the iPhone or iPad that may be of assistance to shy guys. The program allows men who are too nervous to go to a sexual health clinic learn … Read more

California county launches STD prevention program

In response to a rise in the rate of sexually transmitted disease (STD) cases, officials in Sacramento County, California, have launched a new safe sex and awareness campaign. According to The Sacramento Bee, the goal is to encourage sexually active … Read more

Debunking sexual health myths

When it comes to safe sex, there are many myths floating around. For those who are seeking some clarity, it's important to understand what is fact and what is myth. A recent report by MSNBC set out to debunk some … Read more

Report: Adults less savvy than teens when it comes to condoms

A recent report published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine reveals some shocking statistics about condom use in America. According to Women's Health, the study finds that sexually active teenagers use condoms more often than adults between the ages of … Read more

School can’t keep condom machine stocked

A newly installed condom machine at Drew University in New Jersey has been quite popular. It seems like the entire student body has caught spring fever, as the disperser was emptied twice within 24 hours, according to the school's newspaper … Read more

Horny cartoon cat teaches about safe sex

French is considered to be the language of love – and that may explain why the country has taken a rather unique approach to sex education and prevention. Smutley the Cat, a cartoon kitty, is the nation's mascot of sex … Read more

Will more sex save you from a heart attack?

Here's a good reason to start getting busy – a new study finds that individuals who have frequent sex may be at a lower risk of suffering from a heart attack. Furthermore, couch potatoes who don't exercise or knock boots … Read more

Phone sex company snatching up 1-800 numbers

A recent report by The Associated Press finds that scores of 1-800 numbers once used to provide useful information about anything from tourism to safe sex are being purchased by a company known as PrimeTel Communications. Nearly 25 percent of … Read more

HPV carries a number of serious health risks

The human papilloma virus (HPV) is a relatively common sexually transmitted infection. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention list it as the most common STD. HPV often carries no symptoms, and in the vast majority of cases, … Read more

Gonorrhea may soon be resistant to treatment

Gonorrhea is one of the most common STDs, and it appears as though its prevalence is making it more difficult to treat. Recent data suggests that the sexually transmitted infection is becoming resistant to antibiotics, according to MyHealthNewsDaily. Almost 25 … Read more

New book sheds light on how internet influences sex in society

A new book written by researchers Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam analyzes web searches from around the world and presents a report on how the web has "revolutionized sexual desires," according to NBC. The book, titled A Billion Wicked Thoughts: … Read more

Massachusetts governor under fire for safe sex website

A Massachusetts state-run website that provides teen sex education information is under fire, as some residents feel that the site is inappropriate for young people. The State Department of Public Health continues to voice its support for the website, according … Read more

Even without symptoms, herpes contagious some of the time

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association sheds some light on the dangers of herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2), otherwise known as genital herpes. The research finds that even when no symptoms are present, … Read more

Insect-borne illness the newest STI?

A recent study published in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases suggests that the Zika virus, a mosquito-borne illness, may be transmitted through sex. This would be the first case of an infection contracted from an insect that is transmissible through … Read more

STD rates on the rise among seniors

While teen sex education is important for the younger generations, it seems that older adults may need some schooling on safe sex. A recent article in the Orlando Sentinel discusses the fact that sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are on the … Read more

Are some men allergic to their own semen?

Dutch scientists recently released a report that suggests around 1 in 100 men may suffer from a condition known as post orgasmic illness syndrome (POIS), which causes them to experience flu-like symptoms after they ejaculate. The illness was first documented … Read more

Spring fever: April is STI Awareness Month

The month of April is dedicated to the prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STI). While practicing safe sex is important year round, sexually active people can help spread awareness this month through various initiatives put in place by the Centers … Read more

Male mallard’s bill gives females hint about sexual health

A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Oslo indicates that the color of a male mallard duck's bill may indicate how likely he is to pass on a sexually transmitted disease (STD). The scientists speculate that female … Read more

Condom use up among women who receive sex ed

New research from investigators in England has shown that sexual education among young women may encourage them to use condoms more often. In addition to practicing safe sex, women may also be less likely to sleep with multiple partners, reports … Read more

OneDecision campaign raises awareness about STDs through Facebook

It appears that the popular social networking site Facebook has joined the fight against sexually transmitted diseases (STD). A recent campaign launched on the website aims to encourage individuals to talk about sex and share STD information in a creative … Read more

Survey reveals religious women use contraceptives often

A study conducted by the Guttmacher Institute finds that women who frequently attend religious services use condoms and other forms of contraceptive more often than not. The results of the survey dispel some of the myths about the sex lives … Read more

NU professor has presenter use sex toy in class

A recent incident at Northwestern University has left some school administrators and parents shocked. A professor at the school ended a class on human sexuality by having a female presenter demonstrate how to use a vibrating sex toy, according to … Read more

Americans less wary of AIDS, even as rates rise

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the AIDS epidemic and it's obvious that things have come a long way since the condition broke onto the national scene. Safer sex education has made people more aware of the risks of … Read more

STD cases drop by 1 percent in U.K.

New research from Britain's Health Protection Agency (HPA) shows that the number of reported STD cases has fallen by 1 percent, marking the first significant decline in more than a decade, according to The Andover Advertiser. The exact reason for … Read more

Faking it may mean a fear of intimacy

We've all heard the tales of women faking an orgasm once things are getting hot and heavy in the bedroom, but there's really no consensus as to why some gals tend to do this more than others. While the onus … Read more

Spermageddon may be just hype

In 1992, a Danish study suggested that the sperm quality in young men was rapidly deteriorating, which would eventually lead to mass infertility. Researchers evaluated sperm counts from 1938 to 1991 and concluded that they had fallen by 50 percent. … Read more

A sunny disposition may mean a better sex life

We've all heard about how sex is intimately linked to psychology. People who are stressed out or anxious are much less likely to enjoy their sex lives and find it much more difficult to be satisfied in the bedroom.  Now, … Read more

Almost half of teens see parents as sexual role models

A new study released in Canada reveals that, just because your teen may seem too preoccupied with Facebook or their iPhone to listen to a word you say, doesn't mean that they don't value what you tell them. This is … Read more

Getting in the zone is the key to great sex

When you're in the bedroom with your partner, what are you thinking about? Are you worried about a job or waiting for a text message from a friend? Maybe you're thinking about the Periodic Table for an upcoming exam.  The … Read more

Red wine linked to higher sexual desire in women

A new study performed in Italy that recorded data from 800 women aged 18 to 50 revealed that the compounds that are present in red wine may actually enhance levels of sexual desire in women more so than the chemicals … Read more

Having a healthy sex life while being a good parent

A lot of parents have been there before. Things are about to get hot and heavy in the bedroom. You and your significant other have been texting each other all day, and after a long day at work, some naughty … Read more

Study finds that STD e-cards fall short

Talking about STDs with a partner is never easy, but after a person gets diagnosed, it's extremely important for him or her to get in touch with any previous sex partners. The problem is that many people neglect to mention … Read more

Women share trials and tribulations of sex

A new book edited by author Erica Jong highlights the diverse and exciting sex lives of women by gathering different anecdotes from respected female authors. The goal is to make it easier for readers to be honest with themselves and … Read more

Michelle Obama visits South Africa to talk about AIDS prevention

First Lady Michelle Obama arrived in Soweto, South Africa, to discuss one of the most important issues facing the country – and the continent – AIDS. According to The Associated Free Press, she spoke at a church and urged young … Read more

Experts point to condoms as breakthrough in stopping AIDS pandemic

At a recent conference, the United Nations (UN) officially stated that condoms could help stop the spread of AIDS, marking a big step for safer sex education and spreading awareness on how to best prevent the disease.  It wasn't easy … Read more

Group introduces new recommendations, database for adult film performers

The porn trade group Free Speech Coalition is spearheading a program that will provide a new list of recommended health care providers for performers in the adult film industry. The results of the performers' STD testing will be loaded into … Read more

Safe sex clinic aimed at adult film stars closes

Advocates of safe sex spoke out after the AIM Medical Associates group, which was known for providing condoms and other safer sex education materials, has closed. The organization, which was once known as the Adult Industry Medical Foundation, was funded … Read more

New study shows that many teens are cautious about sexual health information

A recent study from the sexual health research group Guttmacher Institute reveals that while many teens are "savvy consumers," a majority of young adults are wary in terms of sexual health information, particularly that which they find online or through … Read more

Common bedroom mistakes men make

Whether you're in a steady relationship and have slowly been gaining confidence with your sexual prowess over the years or have just had enough one-night stands to know the ropes, one of the biggest mistakes men can make is to … Read more

Canada’s Sex Quest game sets young people on a mission for sexual information

Educators have always been torn about how best to commit to teen sex education, whether it's through classes or after-school informational sessions, but the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC) has decided to try an innovative, new way … Read more

Prepping for college with the right gear

Students across the country may feel like they just got out of school, but the reality is that it's almost July. That leaves two months to start thinking about college and, whether young adults are starting out or heading back … Read more

When it comes to sex, men and women can be a switch or an iron

Ian Kerner, a sexuality counselor, recently touched on the changing roles of men and women's sexual identities on by likening their arousal to switches and irons. It's a common saying that means men can be turned on as quickly … Read more

Common sex mishaps and their remedies

Sex is a funny thing. In a culture that seems so intent on imagery and themes about knocking boots, from jokes to popular music to television, we never seem to actually get to the point where we have an earnest … Read more

Sex ed can be uncomfortable, but teens need it

Sex education in schools can be a tough topic of conversation. It's sure to elicit blushes, snickers and jokes from the student body. However, even with the awkwardness that surrounds teen sex education, many believe that lessons on how to … Read more

New paper highlights issues of syphilis

As of November 2007, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention marked a 14 percent increase in the rates of syphilis across the United States since 2006, spurring worry about safer sex practices and the use of condoms among Americans. … Read more

Syphilis, chlamydia rates increase 43 percent among older adults

A recent analysis of data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that there was a 43 percent spike in chlamydia and syphilis rates among older adults – particularly baby boomers – from 2005 to 2009, according to … Read more

$60,000 to develop better sexual health programs

The European Union's Da Vinci program is meant to help raise awareness of sexual health issues among young adults and teens. The program recently awarded the Warwickshire country initiative, Respect Yourself, almost $50,000 (€40,000) to lower pregnancy and common STD … Read more

Transformers 3′s sex advice

Transformers 3 has proven to be a blockbuster hit, a success that has followed two equally successful predecessors. While most of the movie is about explosions, fighting robots and saving the world, there is some time dedicated to the delicate … Read more

Teens help educate each other about sex

In York County, Pennsylvania, young people are taking an interesting approach to teen sex education. A group of teens in an area high school are helping raise awareness about sexually transmitted infections, safe sex and condoms by acting as peer … Read more

Antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea found in California

Earlier this month there were five cases of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea in San Diego County, California. All five of the cases were filed between August and October 2009. While these cases occurred in a relatively small area, antibiotic-resistant strains of the … Read more

Is Facebook to blame for the spike in STDs?

Facebook, the popular online social network, has been a way for young people to reach out to each other, share common interests and discuss the goings on of daily life. But some believe that the website may also be contributing … Read more

Study looks into the matter of women and casual sex

Casual sex has been seen as a male activity for some time, but a recent poll from TresSugar and SELF Magazine show that many women enjoy the occasional anonymous hook-up. The report analyzed the responses of 2,000 unattached women between … Read more

Lack of sleep may lead to lack of hanky panky

A new study conducted at the University of Chicago indicates that men who don't get an adequate amount of sleep every night may not feel as up for a roll in the hay as their more well-rested peers, according to … Read more

Make sure your condoms didn’t go the way of the milk

Most things have an expiration date, but there are some that we think about more than others. Take milk, for example. No one is going to pour a curdled, yellowish mix of rotten milk into a bowl of cereal – … Read more

UN initiative hopes to teach young adults about AIDS

According to The St. Augustine Record, in Johannesburg, South Africa, AIDS counselor Patience Ncusani has one message during her teen sex education classes – be careful. In Africa more than any other place in the world, AIDS can be a … Read more

When romance novels ruin relationships

At a time when it's easier than ever to indulge in a romance novel without anyone knowing – in large part thanks to e-readers – some professionals have become concerned that reading too many of these books can damage relationships.  … Read more

Report: Abstinence doesn’t deter unsafe sex later on

A recent study led by psychologist Marina A. Bornovalova at the University of South Florida argues that the belief that abstinence will encourage individuals to practice safe sex later on down the line is a misconception. Teenagers who abstain from … Read more

Man says he’s first person cured of HIV

A middle aged man living in San Francisco says that he is the first person to be cured of HIV following the administration of a new and potentially life-saving form of medicine. Timothy Ray Brown has had the HIV virus … Read more

HIV still on the rise in some Western cities

In the 1980s, when AIDS was first being recognized as an epidemic, there was a lot of awareness about the disease, even if many facts about transmission were unknown. Nowadays, the condition is discussed far less often and many officials … Read more

Doctors hope new drug will help treat premature ejaculation

As many as one in three men suffer from premature ejaculation, according to the Mayo Clinic. This disorder can cause stress, embarrassment and sexual frustration for these men and their partners. However, a new drug currently undergoing trials in Europe … Read more

Unwanted pregnancies put a burden on the economy

The U.S. national budget is a hot topic among politicians, news agencies and the general public these days. One factor in the debate that is rarely discussed is the issue of unwanted pregnancies, which place a significant burden on the … Read more

A whole day of foreplay

When guys usually think about foreplay, they envision at most a half-hour before sex. The ritual could include any number of techniques or maneuvers, but it's generally something reserved for the bedroom.  The problem is that most women don't see … Read more

iPhone apps to heat up the bedroom

A new app for the iPhone has been released to help lovers in the bedroom who are looking for ways to get to know each other when they decide to get down and dirty. There's no beating around the bush … Read more

Campaign launched to attract shy condom buyers

A new campaign in India was launched with one particular demographic in mind – sexually active people who are too shy to actively seek out condoms, which are crucial for sexual health. The initiative is also an effort to help … Read more

Medicine helps prevent HIV

Two different studies recently found that an AIDS drug taken daily can cut a person's risk for HIV by more than half, according to The Washington Post. This marks a new sign of hope in the fight against the disease. … Read more

Sexuality counselor talks fetishes

Sexuality counselor Ian Kerner recently wrote on that, due to his profession, people always ask him about the strange fetishes and passions that couples have had, and what the weirdest one was. He explains that most of the problems … Read more

Sex each day can keep the doctor away

When one thinks of exercise, sex isn't the first possible activity that leaps to mind. However, more research shows that regularly knocking boots with a partner can help maintain men's health both short-term and long-term.  For example, research has shown … Read more

Over-50s warned of increased HIV risk

Baby boomers are expected to change the standards of retirement in almost every way. Some will stay on the job for longer, some will travel or spend time with grandkids and all the while, many will be sexually active. In … Read more

1 out of 10 elderly having unprotected sex in South Korea

Recent findings from the Urology Department at St. Vincent's Hospital highlight the growing issue of older adults having more unprotected sex than before, as life expectancies continue to rise in many countries and seniors engage in more active lifestyles. The … Read more

Teens more likely to engage in risky sex when depressed

A new study published in the Journal of Psychology, Health & Medicine has found that depression may lead to a lack of safer sex practices among teenage girls, according to Psychology Today.  Over a 12-month period, Dr. Puja Seth and … Read more

The wrong excuses for not using a condom

With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stating that condoms can significantly reduce the risk of common STDs and pregnancy, there's really no excuse for not using protection when having sex, especially if the intercourse is casual.  Unfortunately, many … Read more

Lack of confidence may mean a higher chance of straying

A new Canadian study published in The Archives of Sexual Behavior has concluded that men who are more anxious about their sexual performance are more likely to cheat on their partners.  "Few studies on infidelity have gone beyond exploring demographics," … Read more

iCondom helps users find protection

Ever been in a situation that's about to get hot and heavy, but realize that you have no condoms? These contraceptives can help protect against common STDs and prevent pregnancy, so it's important to use one during intercourse. But that … Read more

A partner’s close relationship with friends can lead to ED

New research conducted by the University of Chicago and Cornell University revealed that there may be a link between a man's poor performance in bed and how close his partner is to his friends. While this may seem to be … Read more

Shed a few pounds, gain sexual function

A new study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine explains that by losing weight, men can recover libido and improve their erectile function. The participants in the research were diabetic as well, but it seems to follow that any … Read more

New regulations to help people with chlamydia

Chlamydia is one of the most common STDs, with more than 1.2 million cases being reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2009 alone. It can be transmitted through oral, anal or vaginal sex and often … Read more

The art of kissing

When people have sex on their mind, kissing generally moves quite a few places down on their list of concerns. However, it's important to remember that a small, romantic peck can be the start of an intimate encounter – whether … Read more

Teen sex education becomes mandatory in NYC

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has made it mandatory for students to attend teen sex education classes for the first time in almost two decades, according to The New York Times. The initiative applies to all schools, but focuseson … Read more

Make sure that your sex life doesn’t take a dive with the stock market

Ian Kerner, a sexuality counselor, recently wrote for that as the economy goes worse and Americans remain shaky about their job security or prospects, they may start cutting expenses. This can impact a couple's sex life almost right off … Read more

Study shines light on amount of young people having unprotected sex

Results of a new study emphasize that safe sex practices may need to be taught in school systems around the world in order to educate young people about the importance of using condoms. The research suggests that more young people … Read more

Study examines sexual advice email services

A group of researchers recently examined the emails from people looking for sex advice in order to find a common theme to some of the problems that they experience. The study, which was published in the International Journal of Clinical … Read more

What teenagers learn about sex through music

Nowadays, it seems as though it's impossible to turn on the radio without hearing some sexual innuendo blasted through the speakers, and it appears researchers are taking a closer look into who is picking up on the message. In a … Read more

Some men with ED note a lack of treatments for specific issues

Although there are many treatments for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) that can help them maintain an erection, some individuals are finding that they have other problems. Certain issues related to the condition still need to be addressed, … Read more

Pornography actor tests positive for HIV, adult film production halted

Throughout the nation, adult film companies have halted the production of many movies due to the recent positive HIV test results for an actor within the industry. The Free Speech Coalition, an adult industry trade group, which advocates for safe … Read more

Men with gonorrhea smell worse to women

Still need a reason to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections? While some men carrying STDs may think that they can keep symptoms under control in order to woo new partners, a recent study from Russia finds that women may … Read more

New research makes strides toward potential herpes vaccine

Anyone who is sexually active likely worries about the chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease from a partner. The herpes virus is one of the more concerning diseases, and while condoms can help prevent the strain from spreading, there … Read more

New sex ed guidelines give teachers milestones to strive for

Sexual education is often a controversial subject in America, as some parents feel the schools are crossing the line in teaching young students about sex. However, other groups have supported the cause, saying it's important for kids to have information … Read more

New York sex ed vids get real with teens about unsafe sex

A new series of web videos produced "by teens for teens" aims to educate young people about the dangers of unsafe sex. They have been getting a lot of attention, particularly because they take a down-to-earth approach that some may … Read more

School district’s Planned Parenthood decision leaves many confused

There are educational guidelines for how schools should go about sex ed, but often districts take it upon themselves as to what should be taught in the curriculum. One school board recently heard arguments about the way its schools teach … Read more

L.A. condom law makes it on the ballot

The hotly-debated "condom law" proposed in Los Angeles, which would require adult film performers to wear condoms while on set, has qualified for the June ballot. A letter for the city clerk states that groups supporting the law gathered enough … Read more

Get Informed During Cervical Health Awareness Month

Women everywhere need to be educated on their sexual health, but there are still a number of instances when females fall victim to such diseases as the human papillomavirus (HPV) and do not receive treatment until it is too late. … Read more

New study suggests HPV vaccine may not require three doses

In an effort to raise awareness of sexual health, advocates have been pushing for teenage girls to receive three doses of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine in order to protect them from such complications as cervical cancer later in life. … Read more

For Utah students: A little more chocolate, hold the sex ed

For teenagers, sexual education may be an important way to learn about protection against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). However, sex ed in the school system has been a controversial topic across the country, as some activists believe … Read more

Open relationships: Are they for you?

While many couples enjoy the security and regularity of monogamy, these days it seems like more men and women are opting for open relationships. Sometimes, opening up a relationship can be a great way to revive a long-term couple's sex … Read more

Update: Austrian “School of Sex” a farce

The Swedish woman who claimed to be the headmistress of the first University of Sex recently came clean, announcing that the school was nothing more than an art project. Earlier in the year, it was reported that the school would … Read more

New study sheds light on why some women fake it

While many men go above and beyond to help the women in their lives achieve orgasm, some may still be nagged by the question – Is she faking it? Like it or not, some women may pretend to orgasm, and … Read more

Having responsible sex

The most responsible sex is protected sex, but this can sometimes be hard to keep in mind. As teen sex education programs remain underfunded – or nonexistent – across the country, many Americans are left not even knowing how to … Read more

Researchers promote the benefits of circumcisions in STD prevention

Circumcision has become a hot topic in recent months as activists are trying to ban the practice, saying that it is against the child's rights as he cannot decide for himself and that it also reduces the sensitivity of the … Read more

New poll shows what’s missing in the parental sex talk

The sex talk can be an awkward experience for any parent. However, some people want to make sure that their children are prepared with all of the information they need in order to sustain a healthy sex life. Results of … Read more

ACOG asks for partners of women with STDs to be treated too

As sexually transmitted diseases continue to be a concern for many sexually-active individuals, it's important to one's sexual health to ensure that everyone is receiving the best preventative treatments possible. According to Reuters Health, obstetrician-gynecologists are pushing to not only … Read more

Texas school districts turn to abstinence plus

Sexual education has been a hot topic in America's school systems, as some parents and public figures believe that teaching students about ways to practice safe sex actually encourages them to do the deed. However, advocates for the safe sex … Read more

When it comes to STD prevention, keep the conversation going

A couple that is sexually active may want to make sure that the communication stays open, especially in the bedroom. This could mean that they need to take time and talk to each other about the importance of practicing safe … Read more

That’s a wrap: Petition to require condoms in porn receives thousands of signatures

Voters in California may soon be able to decide whether or not the state's pornography industry will be required by law to have their actors wear condoms during film shoots. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation has announced that it collected enough … Read more

Study: Excessive drinking can lead to unsafe sex

A new report published in the journal Addiction adds support to a notion that many people already hold – drinking alcohol increases one's risk of participating in unsafe sex. The researchers found evidence that the more one drinks, the higher … Read more

Sex life after an affair

Extra-marital affairs can be devastating, and can often bring an end to long-term relationships. In some cases, couples do their best to reconcile in order to save the marriage. One aspect of a relationship that may require special attention is … Read more

HPV vaccine isn’t total STD prevention

The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine has been controversial since it was first suggested as a way for women to prevent cervical cancer, which stems from the disease. Now it seems that it may be causing some confusion among a portion … Read more

For women, sex is like a fine wine

Wine isn't the only thing that gets better with age. A recent study from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and the Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System found that for women, sexual satisfaction also increases as … Read more

Vaccine for AIDS on the horizon?

A new development in sexual health and AIDS research may eventually lead to a vaccination that would prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS. Researchers published a report in the journal Nature outlining a number of experimental vaccines that were able to … Read more

MVA-B vaccine could potentially treat HIV patients

For years, scientists have been working to curb the potentially deadly result of contracting human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and while they've certainly made significant strides, it seems as though they're coming even closer to a treatment. Researchers from the Spanish … Read more

New study shows lack of HPV vaccine recommendations in Appalachia

The human papillomavirus (HPV) continues to dominate medical headlines as it's a major risk to sexually active individuals. There has also been a lot of controversy surrounding the HPV vaccine and whether or not parents should have their daughters get … Read more

Scientists uncover link between herpes, Alzheimer’s

A recent study conducted by scientists at the University of New Mexico, Brown University and House Ear Institute have found a new link between the herpes virus and Alzheimer's disease. Their findings suggest that re-activation or growth of herpes contributes … Read more

New treatment may help premature ejaculators

Though commonly depicted in teen movies as a comical subject, for those who suffer from the condition, premature ejaculation (PE) is no laughing matter. The affliction affects around 20 to 38 percent of men, but a new treatment under investigation … Read more

Myths and misinformation about contraceptives

While many schools and sexual health organizations strive to provide safer sex education to young adults, there may still be some people who have questions about STD facts or would like to receive condom tips. With a lack of sexual health … Read more

San Francisco considers cutting circumcision

A potential city-wide ban on circumcision in San Francisco has advocates for both cut and uncut penises in a heated debate. While some argue that the practice of eliminating an infant's foreskin is cruel, other say that the choice, which … Read more

Expert says boomer lifestyle, including sex habits, is dangerous

Jim Bacon, author of Boomergeddon, recently sat down with CNN to discuss some of the habits of the baby boomer generation. He voiced his concerns that much of the lifestyle behaviors of the demographic, from their diets to their medications … Read more

Why should monogamous couples buy condoms?

Most people know that those who have multiple sex partners should wear protection to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections. Monogamous couples may be less likely to wear condoms because they are only having relations with one other person, … Read more

FAQs about friends with benefits

Being single has its benefits. You can date as many people as you like, you have no one to report to when you get home and perhaps best of all you can have sex with any number of people. While … Read more

Get your sexual health information via text message

Planned Parenthood launched a new campaign this week that aims to disperse sexual health information to teenagers in a format that is quite popular with the demographic – text messages. The program, called In Case You're Curious (ICYC), allows teens … Read more

San Fran celebrates 100 years of STD prevention

California's City by the Bay is celebrating 100 years of STD prevention, as it was a century ago when the Municipal Clinic in San Francisco opened its doors in an effort to address the growing problem of sexually transmitted infections, … Read more

Short penis syndrome explained

A condition known as short penis syndrome causes men with normal-sized penises to feel that they are smaller than average. Some sexual health experts are concerned that the issue could cause men to seek out medications or questionable remedies for … Read more

Study: Condom Use a Key Factor in Preventing the Spread of HIV

With incurable diseases such as herpes and HIV, there are a number of issues to worry about when having sex with a new partner. It’s important to keep the conversation open and ask about the last time they got tested … Read more

Cook County survey demonstrates need for sexual education

It is important that young adults have all the information they need in order to use safe sex practices. Some students in today's school system may feel as though they do not have all of the information necessary to make … Read more

Mayor of Los Angeles Signs Mandate Requiring Condoms in Porn

It’s now official. In about 40 days, the use of condoms will be required by law on any licensed adult film shoot in the city of Los Angeles. The bill is the first in the nation’s history to require contraceptives … Read more

Improper condom use an international problem

A recent study published in the journal Sexual Health suggests that around the globe, improper condom use is threatening sexual health. Researchers from The Kinsey Institute Condom Use Research Team found that the improper use of condoms is a widespread, … Read more

Researchers note higher prevalence of oral HPV in men

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L.A. law requiring condoms on porn shoots goes into effect

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Majority of oral cancer cases traced to HPV

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CDC: Untreatable Gonorrhea Likely on the Horizon

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