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Planning a romantic evening with your man

Not every date with your man is going to be filled with rose petals and candlelit dinners, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, when you are craving some romance, don’t wait for your boyfriend to plan something special, take … Read more

The college hookup: More talk, less action

On a college campus, it seems as though students are constantly talking about hooking up with one another. But a new study is suggesting that these hookups may be more about keeping the tongues wagging than actually doing the deed. … Read more

A woman’s guide to the world of infidelity

In an ideal world, your boyfriend would never, ever even think about cheating on you, and you would not be tempted to see someone else behind his back either. However, not every relationship is perfect, and sometimes a person may … Read more

Can’t get a date? Try these tips

You dress your best, flirt like crazy, bat your eyes at passersby and even log on to dating websites, but no matter what you try, you can’t seem to land a second date. This can be frustrating, and sometimes, you … Read more

Ladies: Getting your dorm life to fit in with your sex life

Living in a dorm gives you the opportunity to make friends and having a roommate can be a very fun experience. But sharing a bedroom with someone else, whether she’s your best friend or the two of you choose to … Read more

Can safe sex make you look younger?

Several recent studies have outlined the benefits of safe, monogamous sex. These studies advocate having sex while using a condom often in order to stay physically and mentally fit, according to The Winnipeg Free Press. Research from Scotland's Royal Edinburgh … Read more

Study shows most people hesitate to share sex life online

A recent survey commissioned by the career website and conducted by Harris shows that when it comes to sharing personal information online, most people are reluctant to discuss their sex lives. Additionally, respondents said they were less likely to … Read more

FOX News says sex is like team sports

Recently, FOX News did a piece on how sports and sex are a lot alike. The lessons learned from both pursuits are pretty similar – the news channel came up with things like take turns, watch your breathing, stretch, cooperate, … Read more

Malaysian men try unsuccessfully to steal 750,000 condoms

Either they had a nefarious secondhand-prophylactic scheme in mind, or they wanted safe sex for life. Three men in Kuala Lumpur were recently busted for attempting to make off with nearly three-quarters of a million non-latex condoms, according to the … Read more

Survey shows some couples lose that loving feeling after three years

The seven-year itch, which refers to the amount of time many believe married couples begin to want sex outside of their relationship, may be a generous estimate. According to a recent report commissioned by Warner Brothers, it appears as though … Read more

How to make her want you

Let's face it, in many relationships, men want sex more often than their partners. This may leave some guys feeling "blue," but focusing on your lady may be the key to increasing the number of hours you spend in the … Read more takes Guinness World Record

The domain name "" is now in the record books. The web address was named by The Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive domain name in the history of the internet. According to, Gary Kremen, who … Read more

New titillating Wii game to inspire foreplay

For most couples, foreplay is an essential part of sex, but it can sometimes be difficult to come up with original ways to excite your partner before you get down to business. Fortunately, a new game for Nintendo's Wii aims … Read more

New book wonders what would happen without sex

A new book by author Meg Wolitzer, titled The Uncoupling, ponders a curious, and somewhat frightening scenario – what if all women stopped wanting to have sex? Wolitzer recently sat down with staff of to discuss the new book … Read more

Report: Men and women feel differently about first sex experience

A recent report from Penn State finds that men and women have very different feelings after their first sexual experience. While men are more likely to feel confident and satisfied, women may feel just the opposite. The study, which was … Read more

Melts in your mouth, not in your pants

While pills like Viagra have been a godsend for many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), popping a pill prior to a session in the sheets may not be the most romantic form of foreplay. However, a new pill … Read more

Answers to sex questions you’re too shy to ask

Let's face it – sex can be confusing. Fortunately, sexperts at Peace FM Online recently answered some questions about sex that may be too taboo to bring up with your partner. Certified sex therapist Michele Sugg told the news source … Read more

Creative sex tips for spring

March 21 marked the first day of spring, the season of love. Though romance is likely to be in the air this time of year, some couples may be looking for ways to enhance their sex lives. A recent article … Read more

Tears turn guys off?

A report in a recent edition of the journal Science finds that chemicals found in women's tears may give off signals that reduce men's sexual desires. Despite the fact that tears are odorless, the researchers from the Weizmann Institute found … Read more

Sex addiction to be recognized by the APA

Though many people are skeptical of those who say they are afflicted with a sexual addiction, the term will soon be included in The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which is published by The American Psychiatric Association (APA). … Read more

Lovers are just mad about saffron

A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Guelph's Department of Food Science have identified two new aphrodisiacs – saffron and ginseng. Adding these magical ingredients to your diet may spice things up on your plate and in … Read more

Dating website reveals the most flirtatious cities, an online dating website, recently released a list of the most flirtatious cities in the world, as well as a ranking of the most flirty U.S. cities. Topping the global list is Athens, Greece, while hot and sunny Miami … Read more

Expert weighs in on whether size matters

It's an age-old question: How much does the size of your member matter? Ian Kerner, a sexuality counselor and columnist for CNN, recently wrote an article discussing this topic, and his conclusions may surprise some. "Gentlemen, unless you are in … Read more

Phone sex company snatching up 1-800 numbers

A recent report by The Associated Press finds that scores of 1-800 numbers once used to provide useful information about anything from tourism to safe sex are being purchased by a company known as PrimeTel Communications. Nearly 25 percent of … Read more

The often elusive female orgasm

Women who have not experienced an orgasm likely still enjoy having safe sex with their partners – but those who have reached climax know that sex with an orgasm is very different from one without. But how does one overcome … Read more

Washington girl fakes pregnancy for school project

Gaby Rodriguez of Toppenish, Washington, recently undertook a social experiment that has raised many questions regarding pregnancy among teens and young women in America. As part of a school project, she faked a pregnancy for months, wearing a fake stomach … Read more

Vibrators no longer a taboo subject

While discussion of vibrators used to be a blush-inducing subject, it appears that times are changing. In fact, The New York Times reports that more and more vibrating devices are finding their ways on to store shelves, into advertisements and … Read more

New book sheds light on how internet influences sex in society

A new book written by researchers Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam analyzes web searches from around the world and presents a report on how the web has "revolutionized sexual desires," according to NBC. The book, titled A Billion Wicked Thoughts: … Read more

Sex in space – what would it be like?

Valery Bogomolov, deputy director of the Moscow-based Institute of Biomedical Problems, recently announced that over the 50 years that Russians have been in space, there have been no documented records of the cosmonauts experimenting with sex while in orbit. Does … Read more

Giant graffiti erection dropped from art competition

A giant graffiti rendering of a penis on a draw bridge in St. Petersburg, Russia, has been dropped from consideration for an art prize. The piece of penis art appeared erect whenever the drawbridge was raised, according to The Toronto … Read more

Think twice before scolding your partner’s wandering eye

While it may make some people jealous, a new study argues that reprimanding a significant other for checking out other people they see in their day-to-day life may actually be harmful to a relationship. Furthermore, allowing a partner to glance … Read more

STD rates on the rise among seniors

While teen sex education is important for the younger generations, it seems that older adults may need some schooling on safe sex. A recent article in the Orlando Sentinel discusses the fact that sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are on the … Read more

For memory, it may be best to keep your mind in the gutter

A new book by author Joshua Foer tells the story of a man who had one of the most incredible memories of all time, and reveals that his technique involved sexual imagery, according to Moonwalking With Einstein: The Art … Read more

Celebrate Cake and Cunnilingus Day!

April 14 is Cake and Cunnilingus Day, a holiday to celebrate the age-old art of performing oral sex on your lady friend. The holiday is the female response to March 14, which has been designated steak and blow job day … Read more

New app in Sweden shows closest place to buy condoms

It's not always clear which stores carry condoms and which don't – especially if you're in a rush to find one or just too embarrassed to ask. In Sweden, software developers hope to change all of that with the introduction … Read more

STD cases drop by 1 percent in U.K.

New research from Britain's Health Protection Agency (HPA) shows that the number of reported STD cases has fallen by 1 percent, marking the first significant decline in more than a decade, according to The Andover Advertiser. The exact reason for … Read more

Watching Sex and the City helps with STD discussion

There's no easy way to talk about a sexually transmitted infection with a partner. In many cases, people feel embarrassed about any problems with their sexual health, they tend to avoid the subject completely. This can not cause poor communication … Read more

Faking it may mean a fear of intimacy

We've all heard the tales of women faking an orgasm once things are getting hot and heavy in the bedroom, but there's really no consensus as to why some gals tend to do this more than others. While the onus … Read more

Almost half of teens see parents as sexual role models

A new study released in Canada reveals that, just because your teen may seem too preoccupied with Facebook or their iPhone to listen to a word you say, doesn't mean that they don't value what you tell them. This is … Read more

Catholic University of America to go back to single-sex dorms

When you first go off to college, it's a given that you'll be living just down the hall from the opposite gender. That can create some weird moments, especially at 2am when you're walking down the hall in your underwear … Read more

Women share trials and tribulations of sex

A new book edited by author Erica Jong highlights the diverse and exciting sex lives of women by gathering different anecdotes from respected female authors. The goal is to make it easier for readers to be honest with themselves and … Read more

The secret of a man’s hand

There have always been common methods of sizing a man up – whether looking at feet size or hand size – but most studies have discredited these theories. However, new research from South Korea has revealed that there may be … Read more

Experts point to condoms as breakthrough in stopping AIDS pandemic

At a recent conference, the United Nations (UN) officially stated that condoms could help stop the spread of AIDS, marking a big step for safer sex education and spreading awareness on how to best prevent the disease.  It wasn't easy … Read more

Common sex mishaps and their remedies

Sex is a funny thing. In a culture that seems so intent on imagery and themes about knocking boots, from jokes to popular music to television, we never seem to actually get to the point where we have an earnest … Read more

$60,000 to develop better sexual health programs

The European Union's Da Vinci program is meant to help raise awareness of sexual health issues among young adults and teens. The program recently awarded the Warwickshire country initiative, Respect Yourself, almost $50,000 (€40,000) to lower pregnancy and common STD … Read more

The evolution of sex

A new study has discovered that there may be more to sex than just reproduction, after all, according to LiveScience. Researchers discovered that organisms that have the option of reproducing with or without a partner will generally choose to remain … Read more

When romance novels ruin relationships

At a time when it's easier than ever to indulge in a romance novel without anyone knowing – in large part thanks to e-readers – some professionals have become concerned that reading too many of these books can damage relationships.  … Read more

Married people can have sex more than anyone else

Talking about sex with a partner isn't always the easiest thing to do, especially if it's a topic that doesn't traditionally get a lot of attention. Couples can often fall in a rut if they aren't communicating, which can lead … Read more

The over-exposure of sex

A new article on notes that there has been a trend of literature in the recent months that takes aim at young women's sexuality and overall sexual health, remarking upon the fact that attitudes about knocking boots may have … Read more

The parent trap

It's no secret that once parents begin taking care of their kids, their sex lives can suffer. It's harder to find privacy during the day and even if there is some time to sneak between the sheets, there's always a … Read more

A whole day of foreplay

When guys usually think about foreplay, they envision at most a half-hour before sex. The ritual could include any number of techniques or maneuvers, but it's generally something reserved for the bedroom.  The problem is that most women don't see … Read more

Forget about PE, what about DE?

Premature ejaculation (PE) is known to be a common problem among men. Almost as soon as they get down and dirty, males afflicted by this condition ejaculate too quickly, leaving themselves and their partners feeling frustrated and often unfulfilled.  However, … Read more

Campaign launched to attract shy condom buyers

A new campaign in India was launched with one particular demographic in mind – sexually active people who are too shy to actively seek out condoms, which are crucial for sexual health. The initiative is also an effort to help … Read more

Sexuality counselor talks fetishes

Sexuality counselor Ian Kerner recently wrote on that, due to his profession, people always ask him about the strange fetishes and passions that couples have had, and what the weirdest one was. He explains that most of the problems … Read more

Money, youth and sex

Comprehensive new research from Relationships Australia touched on a number of categories when it comes to sexual activity and one of the most interesting revelations was that wealthy people appear to have more sex than those in lower income categories, … Read more

When it comes to infidelity, gender matters

Imagine the scenario: You've been going out with your girlfriend for about three months and you walk into the bedroom and find her knocking boots with another girl. Do you immediately fly out of the room in a fit of … Read more

College students would give up sex to avoid carrying textbooks

Would you give up sex if it meant you had the chance to stop carrying that 2,000-page Shakespeare anthology back and forth across campus a few times week? A new survey says that some students might just do that.  Most … Read more

Teens more likely to engage in risky sex when depressed

A new study published in the Journal of Psychology, Health & Medicine has found that depression may lead to a lack of safer sex practices among teenage girls, according to Psychology Today.  Over a 12-month period, Dr. Puja Seth and … Read more

The definition of casual sex

Everywhere you look, there's some stunning new information about casual sex. Whether it's reasoning that a culture of one-night stands is destroying dating, marriage or responsible parenting, or that it's a widespread phenomenon across the country, there's no shortage of … Read more

More gender equality leads to more sex

A new study presented by researcher Roy Baumeister of Florida State University highlighted the fact that in societies where men and women were treated more equally, there seemed to be more sexual activity as well, according to USA Today.  Baumeister's … Read more

The top sex myths

For a culture that is often said to be saturated in sex, there's an unusual disconnect between what is true and what is a total misconception. Rumors and hearsay can twist opinions and facts, so it's important to get things … Read more

Women would rather have a pet than have sex?

A new analysis of existing studies on sexual attitudes around the globe has found that women generally don't have the same sex drive as men. So, in at least some cases, you may be able to rest assured that it … Read more

The art of kissing

When people have sex on their mind, kissing generally moves quite a few places down on their list of concerns. However, it's important to remember that a small, romantic peck can be the start of an intimate encounter – whether … Read more

Teens in romantic relationships less delinquent

While the merits of teen sex education have been debated across the country, one new study has found that there may be a link between committed relationships among teenagers and a lower level of delinquency. Assistant professor of psychology Paige … Read more

Men drop the L bomb faster

Despite the stereotypes wrought by Casanova and other famous attitudes by actors and musicians, research suggests that men may actually fall in love much faster than women and consistently say the "L" word faster than their partner, according to The … Read more

The moans of manipulation

A good number of women moan when they're having sex, especially considering how quiet your average guy is when doing the dirty. While it seems to be taken for granted that females are making noises to vocalize their pleasure, researchers … Read more

Author takes on rumors surrounding overweight sex

When having sex, it's important that people are comfortable in their own bodies so they can stay focused at pleasuring themselves and their partner, rather than worrying about how they look during the deed. Recently, Hanne Blank wrote a book … Read more

Study: Counseling can help couples overcome the sexual effects of prostate cancer treatment

Treatment for prostate cancer can affect a man in a number of ways. Now, a new study is shedding light on the sexual aspect of the treatment, demonstrating that couples can get back in their groove following cancer treatment with … Read more

Some adult children shell shocked by parents’ dating habits

As some senior citizens experience the loss of a partner, whether it be to divorce or death, many are getting back into the dating pool. However, a growing concern is that these older adults are not taking safe sex practices … Read more

Study negates voice changing ovulation theory

Recent studies have suggested that a woman's voice can help men detect whether or not she is ovulating. However, a new study is seemingly negates that theory, saying that vocal changes in a female's voice are too inconclusive to make … Read more

Study examines the relationship between responsibility level and sex

When people get busier, they tend to have less time for other activities. According to a new study published in the Journal of Sex Research, the increased amount of responsibility women get could lead to decreased time spent in the … Read more

Common sex mistakes that will turn your partner off

Anyone who is sexually active knows that knocking boots is more than just thrusting. To make the experience pleasurable, there are certain things one must do – and some actions one must absolutely avoid. The Times of India recently listed … Read more

Survey sheds light on women’s sex priorities

A recent survey conducted by Fitness Magazine suggests that 51 percent of women would give up a full year of sex if it meant they would be thin. While it’s unknown if men would have the same response, women can … Read more

The dreaded sex talk

Let’s face it – having sex is a lot more fun than talking about it. But couples who are having trouble in the bedroom may be at a loss as to how to approach the subject in a calm, non-confrontational … Read more

The key to aging may be in bedroom satisfaction

No one wants to get older, but it seems as though those who have a satisfying sex life may age more gracefully than others. According to researchers from the Stein Institute for Research on Aging at the University of California, … Read more

Sexist men and women may be more likely to hook up with each other

They say some women have a certain type when looking for someone of the opposite sex. Now, a new study is suggesting that sexist men and women may have more in common than their attitudes. In the new issue of … Read more

New research confirms bisexuality

Although many people may already believe this to be true, new research demonstrates that it is in fact possible for a man to be sexually aroused by both men and women. A new study from Northwestern University was conducted in … Read more

Top 5 steamy holiday gifts for her

Alright guys – the pressure is on. The holidays are just around the corner, and if you haven't been hunting for the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend, then you are in danger of having some serious issues come … Read more

Men with gonorrhea smell worse to women

Still need a reason to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections? While some men carrying STDs may think that they can keep symptoms under control in order to woo new partners, a recent study from Russia finds that women may … Read more

What’s sexy about the holidays?

Egg nog, Christmas trees and snowmen – all of these remind us of holiday cheer – but none of them can be defined as sexy. However, that's not to say that this time of year doesn't have its fair share … Read more

‘I don’t care if he’s hot’ and other lies daters tell themselves

When it comes to dating, some people say that it doesn't matter whether or not the person is attractive, but rather how great their personality is. That's all well and good, but most of the time these people are lying … Read more

Steamy resolutions for a sexy new year

With the holiday season behind us, it's time to look forward to 2012. Many people choose to take up rather ambitious resolutions for the upcoming year, though they often fall short of their goal. This year, why not give your … Read more

Keeping things steamy during winter

The long hours of darkness and cold weather of winter can bring about depression, which can have a negative impact on one's sex life. Those who feel that their libido is depleted during the snowy months can take a few … Read more

Making your bedroom a sex haven

Get rid of the notion that your bedroom is simply for sleeping. The master suite in your home, even if it's scarcely bigger than a closet, is also where you are most likely to get busy. If you really want … Read more

L.A. condom law makes it on the ballot

The hotly-debated "condom law" proposed in Los Angeles, which would require adult film performers to wear condoms while on set, has qualified for the June ballot. A letter for the city clerk states that groups supporting the law gathered enough … Read more

New app lets you declare “I Just Made Love”

After a fantastic session between the sheets, some people want nothing more than to shout about their conquests from a mountaintop. Now, you can do so digitally, as a new app for smartphones allows you to send out a message … Read more

Virgins experience sex differently, as do men and women

A study from Saitama University outside of Tokyo, Japan finds that male and female brains experience sex differently. Researchers examined the brains of rats to see if a specific part of the brain which is larger in males was affected … Read more

Frequent masturbation correlates with safer sex

A new survey of American teens found that boys tend to masturbate more and start younger than girls, and the most – we'll say "enthusiastic" – of them actually participate in safer sex practices more often than their peers, according … Read more

Survey: The bigger the woman, the shorter amount of time spent wooing for sex

While everyone has his or her own rules as to how long they should wait to have sex with someone, a British dating site recently uncovered a specific demographic who, on average, may be easier to get into bed in … Read more

Open relationships: Are they for you?

While many couples enjoy the security and regularity of monogamy, these days it seems like more men and women are opting for open relationships. Sometimes, opening up a relationship can be a great way to revive a long-term couple's sex … Read more

Update: Austrian “School of Sex” a farce

The Swedish woman who claimed to be the headmistress of the first University of Sex recently came clean, announcing that the school was nothing more than an art project. Earlier in the year, it was reported that the school would … Read more

New study sheds light on why some women fake it

While many men go above and beyond to help the women in their lives achieve orgasm, some may still be nagged by the question – Is she faking it? Like it or not, some women may pretend to orgasm, and … Read more

Study suggests college may not be time for sexual experimentation

During the four years of undergraduate study, it's assumed that many students, both male and female, will try out sex with a same-sex partner. However, a recent study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests otherwise. … Read more

Visit your local sex museum

What better way to learn about the history and variety of sex than to visit a museum on the topic? There are many galleries and exhibits dedicated to the art of getting busy, and they are great hot spots for … Read more

People who are easily embarrassed may fare better in the dating world

If you're someone who is easily embarrassed, you may actually find that this trait works to your advantage in the dating scene. According to researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, people who are easily embarrassed are more trustworthy and … Read more

The top myths of male sexuality

Male sexuality is often viewed as something that isn't nearly as complex as that of females. The general understanding of guys is that if you show them someone attractive, they'll be ready to go within a matter of seconds. … Read more

Chelsea found to have highest HIV infection rate in NYC

DNAinfo is reporting that recent results from New York City's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene indicate that Chelsea had a rate of 155.3 HIV diagnoses per 100,000 people in 2009. Overall, this is more than three times the average … Read more

That’s a wrap: Petition to require condoms in porn receives thousands of signatures

Voters in California may soon be able to decide whether or not the state's pornography industry will be required by law to have their actors wear condoms during film shoots. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation has announced that it collected enough … Read more

Study: Excessive drinking can lead to unsafe sex

A new report published in the journal Addiction adds support to a notion that many people already hold – drinking alcohol increases one's risk of participating in unsafe sex. The researchers found evidence that the more one drinks, the higher … Read more

Sex life after an affair

Extra-marital affairs can be devastating, and can often bring an end to long-term relationships. In some cases, couples do their best to reconcile in order to save the marriage. One aspect of a relationship that may require special attention is … Read more

HPV vaccine isn’t total STD prevention

The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine has been controversial since it was first suggested as a way for women to prevent cervical cancer, which stems from the disease. Now it seems that it may be causing some confusion among a portion … Read more

For women, sex is like a fine wine

Wine isn't the only thing that gets better with age. A recent study from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and the Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System found that for women, sexual satisfaction also increases as … Read more

Get lucky and avoid ruining the mood

We've all been there. You and your partner are getting hot and heavy, well into foreplay, and then something happens that puts an end to the fun. While you can't always predict when a fire alarm will go off or … Read more

Keeping the honeymoon going for years

The honeymoon has become a big deal in wedding and relationship culture in the U.S., with newlyweds enjoying a vacation full of sex and relaxation. While some people may wait until the honeymoon to have sex for the first time, … Read more

Study suggests peer pressure is to blame for teenage sexting

Thanks to the advent of camera phones, sexting has become a growing trend among young people, and now researchers are looking into the motives behind sending sexually explicit photos to one another. According to research presented during the 2011 Australasian … Read more

Study examines the relationship between hooking up and dating

College hookups seem to be a rite of passage on today's campuses, but now researchers are looking into how it plays into the dating world. According to The Abstract, a publication for North Carolina State University, researchers at the school … Read more

Why she doesn’t feel like doing it

Nothing puts a damper on a sex life like when a partner consistently isn't in the mood. This can prove to be a complicated and frustrating problem for many couples, but the real issue is not solving it, but figuring … Read more

Orgasms may be a cure for restless leg syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) describes a condition that causes individuals to lose sleep because they feel the need to move their legs at night. A recent letter published in the medical journal Sleep Medicine finds that one way to relieve … Read more

Demographer gives estimate of U.S. gay population

Gary Gates, a demographer from California, recently provided an estimate on the number of individuals living in the U.S. who identify as gay. Though the expert did his best to provide an accurate number of 4 million, he states that … Read more

Dr. Ruth discusses her life as a renowned sexpert

Dr. Ruth Westheimer has been one of the most prominent experts on sex in society. Through television and radio, she has provided the answers to countless questions about safe sex, sexually transmitted infections and relationships. The doctor recently sat down … Read more

Dieting women may have food for thought

Women who are dieting frequently have mood swings that may cause them to be a bit irritable, but now a new study is suggesting that it may be because they have food on the brain more than anything else, including … Read more

Is homosexuality determined by serotonin?

The brain chemical serotonin is known to be connected to sexual drive and behavior, and a new study suggests that it also may be linked to homosexuality. The research conducted at Peking University and the National Institute of Biological Sciences … Read more

Study: Young people use condoms only 50 percent of the time

A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden provides some alarming statistics about the sexual habits of young people. According to the research, youths are only using condoms half of the time they have sex, … Read more

Iceland’s Phallological Museum receives human penis donation

he Phallological Museum nestled in the small seaside down of Husavik, Iceland, recently received a rather curious donation – an actual human penis. The member was given to the museum by the late Pall Arason, a man who agreed to … Read more

New treatment may help premature ejaculators

Though commonly depicted in teen movies as a comical subject, for those who suffer from the condition, premature ejaculation (PE) is no laughing matter. The affliction affects around 20 to 38 percent of men, but a new treatment under investigation … Read more

Is he cheating? Listen to his voice

A recent study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology finds an interesting link between voice and he perception of infidelity. According to the research, the pitch of a person's voice may indicate whether other people think that they are likely … Read more

On campus, casual sex reigns over dating

While college may have been a testing ground for marriage years ago, these days it seems that fewer students are dating during their undergraduate years. The traditional romance scene has been replaced by the hook-up culture, as young adults feel … Read more

The most lusty cities in the U.S.

Forbes Magazine analyzed data to come up with a listing of U.S. cities that seemed most prone to each of the seven deadly sins. The statistics for lusty cities sheds some interesting light on the bedroom habits of the American … Read more

San Francisco considers cutting circumcision

A potential city-wide ban on circumcision in San Francisco has advocates for both cut and uncut penises in a heated debate. While some argue that the practice of eliminating an infant's foreskin is cruel, other say that the choice, which … Read more

No surprise here – study confirms men think about sex more than women

A recent study conducted by psychologists at Ohio State University (OSU) reveals what most people probably already knew – men think about sex more than women. While the average male doesn't ponder a roll in the hay every few seconds … Read more

Why should monogamous couples buy condoms?

Most people know that those who have multiple sex partners should wear protection to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections. Monogamous couples may be less likely to wear condoms because they are only having relations with one other person, … Read more

What constitutes foreplay?

When you think of the term "foreplay," what images come to mind? Some of us may think of back massages and making out, while others might envision much steamier activities. The truth of the matter is that foreplay means many … Read more

The challenges of talking about sex

Everyone can remember the dreaded day that the had "the talk" with mom, dad or some other adult figure in his or her life. While this conversation may have been illuminating, many of us felt uncomfortable. As an adult, the … Read more

Five reasons why the real thing is better than porno

Pornography can be enjoyable for a quick masturbation session, but nothing beats the real thing. While some people may argue that watching a video or flipping through a magazine is enough to satisfy one's sexual needs, we've compiled a list … Read more

Overcoming “condom kryptonite”

You know the benefits of using a condom, and you've discussed using protection with your partner. But now that you're in the bedroom and you've slipped on the rubber, the unthinkable happens – you lose your hard on. "Condom kryptonite" … Read more

FAQs about friends with benefits

Being single has its benefits. You can date as many people as you like, you have no one to report to when you get home and perhaps best of all you can have sex with any number of people. While … Read more

Study comparing depth of male voices and sperm count surprises researchers

A study recently published in PLoS One yielded some surprising results. Researchers were interested to see if there could be a correlation between a man's sperm count and the depth of his voice, as masculine traits such as lower vocal … Read more

Sex life suffers if a man’s pals and partner are too chummy

New research from Cornell University and the University of Chicago suggest that a man's sexual life may suffer if his girlfriend, wife or otherwise monogamous partner is too close with his friends. The study leaders analyzed a survey of 3,005 … Read more

Report: some penis enlargers actually do work

A recent study published in the Journal of British Association of Urological Surgeons may come as a surprise to some men whose email in-boxes are full of spam touting phony "male enhancement" services. Researchers from the University of Turin (UT) … Read more

LifeStyles Condoms making safe sex better through research

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Mayor of Los Angeles Signs Mandate Requiring Condoms in Porn

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Male birth control pill on the horizon?

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Singles in America Survey Finds Interesting Stats about Sex, Politics and More

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Proper condom storage

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L.A. law requiring condoms on porn shoots goes into effect

The controversial and groundbreaking law mandating all adult film actors in Los Angeles to wear condoms while participating in on-screen sex went into effect Monday, March 5. However, the battle surrounding the legislation is far from over, with other counties … Read more

Etiquette for the random hookup

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Life after the Honeymoon Phase

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Majority of oral cancer cases traced to HPV

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Feeling happy? You may want to thank your lover

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Dating outside of your type

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Sex addiction – it’s not just for the stars

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Get over your “shortcomings”

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Saturday nights and mornings are best for sex

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Making her first time the best time

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Don’t give up on sex as you get older, just change your routine

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LA voters support condom law

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Study: Sex lowers your gross-out factor

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Getting your gal in the mood for romance

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Adding some sensuality to a romantic Valentine’s date

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Fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re single

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Sexy games you can use to spice up your Valentine’s Day

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