Reservoir Tip LifeStyles® Condoms


LifeStyles THINZ® Extreme Condoms

Our New THINZ™ Extreme condoms let you feel even more of her. So she can feel even more of you. 21% thinner than our standard condom! Our thinnest condom in our popular straight shape next-to-nothing feel! Specially-lubricated for maximum pleasure … Read more


LifeStyles® KYNG® Large

The new KYNG® Large condom’s highly-advanced design brings big-time comfort to the bigger guy. Extra width and length for the man who needs a larger, more comfortable fit Specially lubricated for maximum pleasure Premium quality latex Reservoir tip offers extra … Read more

LifeStyles® Ultra Sensitive

LifeStyles® Ultra Sensitive Condoms

Heat up the passion with ultimate in sensitivity and stimulation. Thin but as strong and safe as other condoms. Specially lubricated to maximize pleasure. Reservoir tip offers extra safety and comfort. Convenient 3-, 12- or 40-count pack.

LifeStyles® Pleasure Ribbed

LifeStyles® Pleasure Ribbed Condoms

Ribbed for ultimate stimulation Ribbed texture for added excitement. Provides extra stimulation for her, more satisfaction for both. Specially lubricated for maximum pleasure. Reservoir tip offers extra safety and comfort. Made from premium quality latex. Low latex scent.

LifeStyles® Sensitive Condoms

LifeStyles® STYLES™ Sensitive Collection Condoms

For the man who wants a thin, sensitive fit. Features an assortment of our best-selling sensitive condoms: THYN™, SKYN®, and Ultra Sensitive THYN™ – our thinnest condom in our most popular flared shape SKYN® – our best-selling non-latex condom that … Read more