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Washington girl fakes pregnancy for school project

Gaby Rodriguez of Toppenish, Washington, recently undertook a social experiment that has raised many questions regarding pregnancy among teens and young women in America. As part of a school project, she faked a pregnancy for months, wearing a fake stomach … Read more

Manila suburb sparks controversy with condom ruling

The wealthy Manila suburb of Alabang in the Philippines is making headlines with a recent ruling on contraceptives. Individuals in the region who want to purchase condoms must first obtain a prescription, according to The Washington Post. The ruling came … Read more

Prepping for college with the right gear

Students across the country may feel like they just got out of school, but the reality is that it's almost July. That leaves two months to start thinking about college and, whether young adults are starting out or heading back … Read more

Transformers 3′s sex advice

Transformers 3 has proven to be a blockbuster hit, a success that has followed two equally successful predecessors. While most of the movie is about explosions, fighting robots and saving the world, there is some time dedicated to the delicate … Read more

Pharmaceutical company recalls birth control pills following packaging error

Many sexually active couples make sure they take all of the preventative measures possible to protect themselves against any unwanted pregnancies. However, relying on one mode of protection is not always fool proof, which is why partners may want to … Read more

New York sex ed vids get real with teens about unsafe sex

A new series of web videos produced "by teens for teens" aims to educate young people about the dangers of unsafe sex. They have been getting a lot of attention, particularly because they take a down-to-earth approach that some may … Read more

Frequent masturbation correlates with safer sex

A new survey of American teens found that boys tend to masturbate more and start younger than girls, and the most – we'll say "enthusiastic" – of them actually participate in safer sex practices more often than their peers, according … Read more

Study suggests March is a busy time for teenage conception

As the snow begins to melt and the flowers start to bloom, spring is certainly a time where teenage boys may start noticing the short skirts that girls are sporting. In fact, spring is the time for a number of … Read more

Study examines how far birth control has come

Birth control has been a popular method for women who enjoy sex while not having to worry about getting pregnant. While the course of medicine has changed throughout the years to adapt to the newest methods, it seems as though … Read more

Myths and misinformation about contraceptives

While many schools and sexual health organizations strive to provide safer sex education to young adults, there may still be some people who have questions about STD facts or would like to receive condom tips. With a lack of sexual health … Read more

Clinic looks to educate on STD, pregnancy prevention

Teenagers typically have one thing on the brain – sex. But it's important that they're educated on the subject so they can make conscious decisions that will ensure that they're not putting their futures in jeopardy. The Northwest Georgia Public … Read more

Improper condom use an international problem

A recent study published in the journal Sexual Health suggests that around the globe, improper condom use is threatening sexual health. Researchers from The Kinsey Institute Condom Use Research Team found that the improper use of condoms is a widespread, … Read more

Male birth control pill on the horizon?

There has been much discussion about a version of oral contraceptives that would be taken by men rather than women, but so far nothing material has come of it. Now, a team of scientists at the University of Kansas School … Read more

Relationship Myths and the Truths Behind Them

If you’ve had your fair share of long-term relationships, you probably think you know everything there is to know about having a boyfriend or girlfriend. Read more