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New study from LifeStyles outlines what ladies want to try in bed

A recent survey from the makers of LifeStyles® may be useful for men looking to expand their activities in the bedroom. The questionnaire asked women about the sexual acts they would be most likely to try out during their next lovemaking session. … Read more

Women’s magazines put Kama Sutra to shame

What sex positions do women like? Their magazine covers often scream about “101 Sex Positions to Try Tonight!” It’s hard to miss, so let’s take a peek under the covers. According to a recent survey by LifeStyles Condoms, the number-one … Read more

Sexy science: DNA reveals the moment human and chimp penises diverged

Scientists at Stanford University say that they have identified a stretch of DNA that explains the difference between human and chimp penises. At some point millions of years ago, man's tool lost a series of sensitive spines that still cover … Read more

Town celebrates inventor of condom with wild stunt

The inventor of the latex condom, Julius Fromm, would have been 128 years old on March 4 this year. To celebrate his legacy, a group from Fromm's home town of Konin, Poland, placed an over-sized condom over a phallic statue … Read more

If the condom fits

While many people are aware of the benefits of wearing a condom during sex, some guys may feel overwhelmed with all of their options. A recent article from provided some tips on how to make sure the protection one … Read more

‘Captain Condom’ discusses his legacy

You may not know Chuck York by name – but it's almost certain that you've seen part of his legacy. The self-titled "Captain Condom" is responsible for a large majority of the condom vending machines found in bathrooms across the … Read more

New video from LifeStyles sheds light on condom manufacturing process

A short video from condom manufacturer LifeStyles® discusses the methods of creating and testing condoms. The video begins with a shot of a person extracting latex from trees. The latex is then run through quality control examinations to ensure that … Read more

New survey from LifeStyles discusses what ladies like

The makers of LifeStyles® condoms recently released a new survey that may provide some insight into the way women view sex. The questionnaire asked women to identify their favorite part about knocking boots. It seems that most women look forward … Read more

Surprise! Men perceive their penises to be larger than life

A report released by analyzes various sources of data regarding the hot topic of race and penis size. The website revealed some interesting, albeit not surprising, information about the way men perceive their penises. According to the news source, … Read more

iPhone apps to heat up the bedroom

A new app for the iPhone has been released to help lovers in the bedroom who are looking for ways to get to know each other when they decide to get down and dirty. There's no beating around the bush … Read more

Forget about PE, what about DE?

Premature ejaculation (PE) is known to be a common problem among men. Almost as soon as they get down and dirty, males afflicted by this condition ejaculate too quickly, leaving themselves and their partners feeling frustrated and often unfulfilled.  However, … Read more

The wrong excuses for not using a condom

With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stating that condoms can significantly reduce the risk of common STDs and pregnancy, there's really no excuse for not using protection when having sex, especially if the intercourse is casual.  Unfortunately, many … Read more

iCondom helps users find protection

Ever been in a situation that's about to get hot and heavy, but realize that you have no condoms? These contraceptives can help protect against common STDs and prevent pregnancy, so it's important to use one during intercourse. But that … Read more

The moans of manipulation

A good number of women moan when they're having sex, especially considering how quiet your average guy is when doing the dirty. While it seems to be taken for granted that females are making noises to vocalize their pleasure, researchers … Read more

Top 5 steamy holiday gifts for her

Alright guys – the pressure is on. The holidays are just around the corner, and if you haven't been hunting for the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend, then you are in danger of having some serious issues come … Read more

What’s sexy about the holidays?

Egg nog, Christmas trees and snowmen – all of these remind us of holiday cheer – but none of them can be defined as sexy. However, that's not to say that this time of year doesn't have its fair share … Read more

L.A. condom law makes it on the ballot

The hotly-debated "condom law" proposed in Los Angeles, which would require adult film performers to wear condoms while on set, has qualified for the June ballot. A letter for the city clerk states that groups supporting the law gathered enough … Read more

Having responsible sex

The most responsible sex is protected sex, but this can sometimes be hard to keep in mind. As teen sex education programs remain underfunded – or nonexistent – across the country, many Americans are left not even knowing how to … Read more

LifeStyles Condoms teams up with designer to make condom purses

It may seem like condoms are mainly a "guy thing," but thanks to an innovative designer and LifeStyles Condoms, now ladies can show how much they value safe sex. Fashion designer Maggie Kervick teamed up with the condom manufacturer to … Read more

New generation of polyisoprene condoms coming to stores near you

The manufacturer of LifeStyles® Condoms has consistently provided the public with new and unique products, and they show no sign of ending that trend. Following the success of the LifeStyles® SKYN® condom, which was the first polyisoprene condom on the … Read more

Study: Young people use condoms only 50 percent of the time

A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden provides some alarming statistics about the sexual habits of young people. According to the research, youths are only using condoms half of the time they have sex, … Read more

Why should monogamous couples buy condoms?

Most people know that those who have multiple sex partners should wear protection to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections. Monogamous couples may be less likely to wear condoms because they are only having relations with one other person, … Read more

Overcoming “condom kryptonite”

You know the benefits of using a condom, and you've discussed using protection with your partner. But now that you're in the bedroom and you've slipped on the rubber, the unthinkable happens – you lose your hard on. "Condom kryptonite" … Read more

LifeStyles Condoms making safe sex better through research

The makers of LifeStyles Condoms® are currently conducting a study that investigates the sexual satisfaction of sexually active young adults. Though more individuals will take part in the poll, so far, nearly 2,000 men and women have responded, and researchers have been … Read more

Top Valentine’s Day gifts to heat things up and keep it sexy

Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate love, relationships – and sex! While some couples may focus more on the romantic dinners and glasses of champagne, it's important to remember that part of being in love is having great sessions … Read more

Five signs you should dump your man

No one likes ending a relationship, and pulling the plug can be just as difficult as hearing the words "We need to talk." But sometimes relationships take nasty turns, and it becomes important to end things once and for all. … Read more

Is make-up sex a good idea?

After an argument with your partner, jumping into bed may be the last thing on your mind. However, some may find that so-called "make-up sex" can be very helpful in mending relations, and may even improve the bond you share … Read more

Proper condom storage

Those who understand the importance of wearing protection as a form of STD prevention will likely have condoms on hand at all times. Whether you're at home in your own bed with a special someone or planning on getting lucky … Read more

Making Your Lover Come Back for More

In the post-coital bliss of a successful and pleasurable sexual encounter, some people may be troubled by one thought – how can I make sure this isn’t my last time with this person? While the sex may have been incredible … Read more

Get over your “shortcomings”

Do you feel like you possess a singular characteristic that prevents you from getting as much bedroom activity as you want? If so, all you may need is a boost of confidence. Here are some tips about some of the … Read more

Does shape matter?

When discussing bedroom matters, you’ve probably heard someone say “it’s not the size that counts, but how you use it.” Whether or not you believe in this adage, there are other factors that can impact your performance between the sheets … Read more

Making her first time the best time

It’s finally time. You’ve been going out with her for a while, and you’re both ready to take the next step – into the bedroom. The lights are down low, you’re fumbling with buttons, and then she says it, “This … Read more

Adding some sensuality to a romantic Valentine’s date

Valentine’s Day is all about romance, with flowers and chocolates, heartfelt sentiments and grand gestures, but the sentimental stuff isn’t the only important part of this lovers’ holiday. There is also an element of lust that you should not forget … Read more

Fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re single

Just because Valentine’s Day is aimed at lovers, doesn’t mean you have to skip the whole holiday if you’re currently unattached. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the festivities when you’re single, whether you want to spend the day … Read more

Sexy games you can use to spice up your Valentine’s Day

You’ve booked a dinner reservation, picked up the perfect gift and and set aside a bottle of champagne. Does this mean you’re all ready for a fantastic Valentine’s Day? Not if you haven’t planned some bedroom adventures in your holiday … Read more


TURBO® Charged

Lifestyles® new TURBO® Charged Condoms are specially lubricated inside and out for the ultimate sexual experience. Their premium quality latex and reservoir tip provides extra safety and comfort, while their unique ExciteGel lubricant delivers extra stimulation to her most intimate … Read more