Survey sheds light on women’s sex priorities

A recent survey conducted by Fitness Magazine suggests that 51 percent of women would give up a full year of sex if it meant they would be thin. While it’s unknown if men would have the same response, women can take comfort in the fact that having regular sex is actually quite healthy.

“Sex can make you feel sexy and can make you feel better,” said Dr. Jennifer Hartstein, a psychologist and regular contribute to CBS’ Early Show on Saturday Morning. She added that women who feel less confident in bed are less likely to have sex, and should strive to feel self-assured and secure in and out of the bedroom.

Fortunately, sex carries many health benefits. According to WebMD, sex relieves stress and boosts one’s immune system. Additionally, half-hour sessions of sex with your partner can burn 85 calories at a time. Those with stamina who can last even longer could shed a pound in 21 hour-long rolls in the hay.

Those who suffer from headaches or other pains may also want to unwrap a condom and head to the bedroom.. The endorphin released while getting busy with that special someone can reduce pain during and after the session, the organization reports.

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