Survey reveals religious women use contraceptives often

A study conducted by the Guttmacher Institute finds that women who frequently attend religious services use condoms and other forms of contraceptive more often than not. The results of the survey dispel some of the myths about the sex lives of Catholics and Evangelicals.

Rachel K. Jones, lead author of the study, said that there was a correlation between condom use and strong religious beliefs. “Most sexually active women who do not want to become pregnant practice contraception… This is true for Evangelicals and Mainline Protestants, and it is true for Catholics, despite the Catholic hierarchy’s strenuous opposition to contraception,” she explained.

The study found that 99 percent of women surveyed who were sexually active had used contraception as a form of pregnancy prevention. The number was only slightly smaller, 98 percent, among Catholic women.

Conversely, only 2 percent of Catholic women “rely on natural family planning.” The statistic is the same among women who attend mass once a month or more.

In addition to preventing unwanted pregnancies, using a condom is an effective method to avoid contracting a sexually transmitted infection. For maximum protection, individuals should use condoms every time they have sex.

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