Surprise! Men perceive their penises to be larger than life

A report released by analyzes various sources of data regarding the hot topic of race and penis size. The website revealed some interesting, albeit not surprising, information about the way men perceive their penises.

According to the news source, men of all racial backgrounds perceive their penises to be larger than they are in reality. The report compares men's perceived erect penis length on average compared to the average length of men's erect penises when measured. Around 800 men were surveyed for the study.

The report found that African American men perceived their penises to be the largest, averaging around 7.9 inches when self-reported. However, on average their members were about one inch less than this.

Caucasian men reported that their tools were around 7.8 inches, but in actuality measured around 6.1 inches. Latino men reported 7.7 inches, while they measured an average of 6.5. East Asian men reported to have penises that were 6.7 inches in length on average, but were found to only be 5.3 inches.

Knowing one's penis length is important when it comes time to buy a condom before engaging in sex, as a good fit is essential to the protection's functionality. 

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