Study shows most people hesitate to share sex life online

A recent survey commissioned by the career website and conducted by Harris shows that when it comes to sharing personal information online, most people are reluctant to discuss their sex lives. Additionally, respondents said they were less likely to share info about their salaries on social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn, according to Reuters.

The vast majority of the 2,118 people interviewed said they use social network sites in some capacity. They were most likely to use these websites to share positive factoids about their life, such as pictures of vacation or reviews of a restaurant.

"In this era of over-sharing, people tend to clam up on a couple of topics, one of which is salary," Rusty Rueff of told the news source. The other topic that caused individuals to "clam up" was sex.

While it may be uncomfortable to share information about your sex life with the online public, couples who want to improve their time in the bedroom should talk about sex openly with one another.

Talking about condoms with your partner before you have sex can help ensure that you and your mate are both practicing safe sex, according to the health website TeensHealth, a subset of

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