Study finds Restylane injections may increase penis girth

Some will say that it's not the size of a man's penis that counts, but how he uses it. Despite this, the market for penis enhancement techniques is ever growing, and a new study recently published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine finds that injections of a hyaluronic acid filler, Restylane Sub Q, may increase the girth of a man's penis, according to MSNBC.

Researchers from Korea University injected the penises of 50 volunteers with the substance, using a "back and forth technique." After 18 months, the men had sustained an average increase in circumference of about 4 centimeters. Not only that, but they also reported a high level of satisfaction. On average the men and their partners rated their level of happiness with the procedure at 3.3 on a scale from 0 to 4. However, the news source does note that the needles used in this procedure were rather large, which may deter some guys seeking out those extra centimeters.

Having a good fit is essential when it comes to wearing condoms, so guys may want to try out a variety of sizes, styles and brands to find out what feels best. Knowing how to use a condom is also of utmost importance, and if guys are uncertain they should speak with a sexual educator or counselor.

When it comes to the shape and style of a condom, there are a number of choices. According to, it comes down to personal preference, so men should keep an open mind when surveying their options.

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