STD rates on the rise among seniors

While teen sex education is important for the younger generations, it seems that older adults may need some schooling on safe sex. A recent article in the Orlando Sentinel discusses the fact that sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are on the rise among older populations.

Because most seniors aren't concerned about pregnancy prevention, some may choose to forgo wearing a condom when having sex. This leaves them at a heightened risk of contracting an STD.

Seniors are living longer, healthier lives, and also find themselves as targets for products to enhance their sex lives, such as Viagra or personal lubricants. Sex among older adults is not a negative trend, but unfortunately, many of these older adults did not receive safer sex education when they were younger, which may contribute to their lack of condom usage.

Julia Gill, director of the Division of Disease Control for the Florida Department of Health, hopes to do something about this issue. "Certainly we've noted the change and will adjust our outreach, testing and marketing efforts to reflect that," Gill said of the rise in STDs among seniors.

The issue of sexual health among seniors is a concern on a national scale – Medicare is considering using funds to cover STD testing.

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