Some men with ED note a lack of treatments for specific issues

Although there are many treatments for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) that can help them maintain an erection, some individuals are finding that they have other problems. Certain issues related to the condition still need to be addressed, as it affects their sexual health. According to research published in the British Journal of Urology International, up to 65 percent of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are unable to have an orgasm, while 58 percent have issues with ejaculating.

The study's authors write that men who have issues with orgasms and ejaculating feel as though there are not as many treatments available to aid with their conditions as there are for the more common symptoms of ED. Ultimately, having such issues may have a lower quality of life.

"We must expand the definition of quality of life when it comes to sexual performance," said Dr. Darius Paduch, the study's lead author. "For the last few decades, we have focused on penile rigidity, with erection as a synonym of normal sexual function. However, many patients say that problems with ejaculation – like decreased force or volume or decreased sensation of orgasm – are just as critical."

Paduch continued that it is crucial that more research is done in order to do something about the lack of treatment available for other sexual conditions that could be affecting a man's overall quality of life.

"The high prevalence of both orgasmic and ejaculatory dysfunction warrants further clinical and translational research into new treatments to improve sexual health and overall quality of life for hundreds of thousands of affected men and their loved ones," he said.

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