Some adult children shell shocked by parents’ dating habits

As some senior citizens experience the loss of a partner, whether it be to divorce or death, many are getting back into the dating pool. However, a growing concern is that these older adults are not taking safe sex practices seriously, which could be due to the fact that they feel it's passed their stage.

Because of this, more adult children are suddenly finding themselves having to give the sex talk to their parents, according to ABC News. One woman, known only to the news provider as Alana, said that she was shocked by what her mother had said to her when she was asking about the relationship between her mother and a new boyfriend.

"She called me and was indignant and claimed that she and her 'friend' did not have sex," Alana told ABC. "I have no idea if she was telling me the truth, but it's possible she was. She did, however, tell me that the very few men who lived in her senior development were in high demand and that many of them went out with multiple partners."

According to the news provider, because many senior citizens were used to having a partner for so long, they may not be up-to-date about all of the risks they face without using safe sex practices.

It may be a good idea to sit down with a senior loved one and have the slightly awkward conversation about safe sex practices. When condoms are used properly, they can potentially prevent any unwanted sexually transmitted diseases. Loved ones may want to encourage seniors about the importance of using condoms until they and their partner get tested.

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