Singles in America Survey Finds Interesting Stats about Sex, Politics and More

A recent study conducted by the online dating agency polled over 5,000 single individuals about their sexual and romantic lives, and the results are surprising. Dubbed the Singles in America survey, the study asked participants to reflect on their sexual habits, experiences with love and political beliefs over the past year. Their answers reveal that some commonly held notions about sex and gender may not be as steadfast as once thought.

It may come as no surprise that single Republicans and Democrats have different requirements for their bedroom companions. While liberal individuals said they seek partners who are funny, independent and egalitarian, single GOP members said they want their lovers to have the same political background as they do. They also want partners who are interested in tying the knot.

Though people may be willing to divulge their political affiliation before hooking up with someone they meet, it’s less likely that the topic of STDs will come up early on in a relationship. For this reason, it’s important to know how to use a condom and practice safe sex every time. Political ideologies may not be contagious, but sexually transmitted infections certainly are.

Democrats may be seen as the more rambunctious party, but when it comes to satisfactory sex, it seems that conservatives have them beat. Conservative Republicans were more likely to be “very satisfied” with sex while they’re married. However, liberals seem to get busy more often – Republicans reported the least amount of sexual activity over the past year compared to other groups who took the survey.

The research also found some interesting facts about men and their relationship habits. Though they may not always be as up front about it, men typically want commitment sooner than women. Around 46 percent of men said they would expect to move in with a partner who they had been with for less than a year, compared to 26 percent of women who said the same.

The survey also found that men can sometimes be more romantic than their female counterparts. By the time they reached their 30th birthday, 58 percent of men said they had been in love and believed in love at first sight. When asked the same question, only 51 percent of women agreed.

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