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About Ansell Sexual Health

Ansell Limited, a company specializing in barrier protection, has been in business for more than a century. In 1979, the company now known as Ansell Healthcare Products LLC, the maker of LifeStyles® condoms, became the first condom company to establish a division to meet the needs of the public health community and offer products at prices commensurate with its needs. This division, known as Ansell Sexual Health, enjoys a leading market share of this channel.

Ansell is proud to produce some of the best condoms in the world, manufactured to the highest global test standards. We back this all up with complete lot traceability on our packaging, enabling us to pinpoint which customer bought which lot, which manufacturing teams worked on it and when. We also offer the broadest range of condom styles so users can feel confident that they are reducing the risk of pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and STIs without sacrificing fit, feel or comfort.

The Sexual Health division sells the same high-quality condom products to universities and colleges; clinics; and state, county and city health departments that are offered to the retail trade.

In addition, the Sexual Health division offers a wide range of educational materials. These include wooden demonstration models, “How to Use a Condom” brochures (English and Spanish) and the teaching manual “Sex Ed 101” written by Bill Taverner of Planned Parenthood of North New Jersey. This manual was designed to help preteens and young adults feel more confident dealing with sexual and social issues. Our well-known Sex Ed Kit contains all this material in an easy-to-use carry/display case.