Sex addiction to be recognized by the APA

Though many people are skeptical of those who say they are afflicted with a sexual addiction, the term will soon be included in The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which is published by The American Psychiatric Association (APA). The manual is seen as the top authority on psychological disorders in the U.S., according to The Daily Mail.

The affliction describes individuals who suffer from constant sexual urges that feel out of their control. England's National Health Service does not recognize sexual addiction, though many psychiatric professionals in the U.S. have said they regularly see clients or patients who complain of the problem.

According to Times Magazine, recognition of sexual addiction as a psychological disorder could lead some who do not currently consider themselves addicts to seek counseling.

It also seems that sexual addiction in the U.S. may be on the rise, regardless of the pending decision by the APA. The magazine reports that the Los Angeles-based Sexual Recovery Institute's revenues increased by 50 percent in 2010

Those who find they enjoy having multiple sex partners, whether or not they consider themselves addicts, should be sure to practice safe sex. Condoms are one of the most effective methods of STI prevention.

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