The Average Joe

Why watch when you can play?

So 48% of American men want to watch their partner masturbate. For realsies, guys? I mean, I totally get watching porn. They’re highly-trained professionals performing on a screen. You can’t smell them, touch them or ask them how their day was. Call it fantasy, call it voyeurism, call it a spectator sport. Whatever… it’s lots o’ fun to watch. And while I’m not totally turned off by the idea of watching my partner masturbate, I’m not sure why anyone would choose spectator over participant. If she’s right there… in front of me… in the mood… I’m not sitting in the bleachers like a goon, I’m sprinting on the field of play (after some stretching, of course… don’t want to pull a hammy). So put me in coach, I’m ready to please!

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