The Sex Therapist

Twitter Q & A with the Doctor.

Chat questions answered by Score Board member Dr. Belisa Vranich, a clinical psychologist and author.

Q: Why do guys prefer long hair on girls? In December I got a pixie cut, but the guys in my life miss my long hair!

A: Lots of guys think long is feminine and “soft.” On the flip side you’ll definitely find guys who say short is cute and “spunky.”

Q: I know someone that has sex a lot. Is there such a thing as genital exhaustion?

A: Men have what is called a refractory period, but women don’t need to wait at all. Your genitals can get sore though– both men and women. Great question!

Q: Is sex on the beach really that bad of an idea?

A: Yes, unless you are on a really big clean blanket. Sand and sunscreen– bad for condoms, bad for your vagina.

Q: Is having sex in a pool or hot tub (with a condom) a bad idea?

A: Very bad idea to hit the pool or hot tub with a condom — crawl onto dry land where the condom won’t slide off my friend!

Q: I found an article about a new safe sex campaign targeting 11 year olds. Are kids that young able to understand implications of sex?

A: No, they are not emotionally mature enough to have sex, but definitely need good age-appropriate information, especially with the age of puberty going down.

Q: Seems like men are attracted to women who look completely different than the women they date. Are they just settling for a woman they know they can get?

A: Men desire diversity even more than women. Why? Women are more apt to orgasm with consistency and comfort, for both psychological and emotional reasons.

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