The Sex Therapist

The Sex Dr. talks libidos, prudes and blunt veggies.

Dr. Belisa, clinical psychologist, and our Score Board sex and relationship expert answers your questions about frequency of sex, relationship health and low libido.

Q: I found this article on putting food in your vagina to entice your partner. Something about putting food “in” there sounds like a bad idea. Thoughts?

A: Food kink isn’t so weird, but has a downside like whacking out PH balance in your vagina and with possible yeast infection after. Avoid blunt veggies.

Q: Can frequency of sex indicate a healthy relationship?

A: Your average is 1.25 times a week. That’s about 58 times a year. What is most important is if you are sexually compatible. A relationship with no or little sex can mean a combination of physical (low libido) and/or relationship problems.

Q: You mention that a relationship with little or no sex could mean low libido, etc. Can a relationship survive w/o sex?

A: Yes but you couldn’t call it an intimate one anymore — It would be a friendship, roommate, co-parenting… Do some libido problem solving. Start with meds: birth control, antidepressants & pain meds can hurt your libido.

Q: Any advice for people who wish they were having more sex?

A: Widen your definition of what sex is! It is not only intercourse… Solo sex can be just as satisfying.

Q: My girlfriend is very reserved. I, however, have sex like a porn star. How do I get her to keep her face down and a** up?

A: Slow down cowboy! Making her feel inept or prudish will only get her to be self-conscious. Praise her for baby steps and keep the lights off for now!

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