The Average Joe

That’s what she said. No really, it is.

So this week’s list is all about lips – how she feels about them, what comes out of them, and what goes in them. The main thing we learn this week is that it pays to speak up. The more you get your girl talking, the more you’ll learn about what she wants. AND, the more you’ll be able to tell her about what you want. For instance, almost half of the girls surveyed will talk dirty during sex. So, despite how sweet and innocent she may seem, she may just need a little nudge from you to unleash the side you are not used to (but could definitely get used to). We also learn that one of every four women is openly telling her friends about what goes on in the bedroom. That means, when you meet her friends, they may already know a lot about you. They may even like it too. And since we already learned that the same amount of girls fantasize about having a threesome, this could work out in your favor. So, don’t be shy… speak up! You might just end up benefiting in the long run.

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