The Hot Chick

That’s Not What Friends Are For

It’s pretty obvious based on these results that committed relationships win in the battle of “Friends with Benefits vs. Serious Relationships”. I definitely understand that. I can see how a FWB situation could have its rewards. Generally, you’re already familiar with your partner so there’s no time wasted getting to know each other. And of course, you always have someone to call on when you’re in the mood! And hey, if friendly sex tends to be more aggressive, then it has to be fun! But, ultimately, FWB situations can be a dangerous subject.

When sex is on the table between friends, everything changes. Someone usually ends up wanting more or someone loses interest and offends the person. At the very least, casually hanging out with someone who has seen you naked, and can rate your performance, will be pretty awkward. In order for it to work, both parties need to be completely certain that it’s only about sex and there are no romantic feelings whatsoever. But serious relationships – and the more pleasurable sex that comes with it – are the big winners here.

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