The Hot Chick

Our lips aren’t sealed

This may come as a surprise to you guys, but ladies love meeting their friends, pouring a few glasses of Cabernet and giving each other the low down on their relationships. In fact, they do it so often that I’m surprised only 25% of women confessed to it! And while it might annoy some guys to know their sex life is open for discussion, I think it’s time you embrace it!

Yes, we love our friends, but women can be pretty competitive at times. So if we’re bragging about our sex lives – spilling all the dirty details – we’re basically turning you into a sex god to become the envy of our friends! You should play into it by experimenting with new positions or suggesting a new scenario to role-play. You’ll definitely give your lady something to talk about! And remember, we only talk about you because we love being with you. You certainly can’t blame us for that, right?!

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