The Average Joe

I am not dissatisfied

I am proud to say that I fall smack dab in the middle of the group who’ve had between 11 and 14 partners (aww, yeah) – the same people this week’s list says are most likely to be dissatisfied sexually. Well, I’m here to say damn the numbers! Sure, I’ve a few less-than-awesome one night stands in my time, but those are easily outnumbered by very satisfying (if not super-long-term) relationships that introduced me to new things, made me better in bed and were just plain-old tons o’ fun.

I don’t know, maybe a lot of the people in this group are unhappily hopping from bed to bed hoping to find ‘the one’. But I’d like to think they’re more like me – just a guy enjoying single life while I can. So until the girl of my dreams pops up, I’m going to keep sowing my wild oats – whatever that means. And it’ll be quite satisfying, thank you very much.

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