The Sex Therapist

Get the girl.

Remember toasting to making next year the “best year ever” way back at the end of December? Well, it’s March, so it’s time to start taking assertive steps to make that happen because the chances of just running into a swimsuit model on the beach are slim.

The best way to get the girl: understand the girl. What makes her tick? What does she really want? LifeStyles® Condoms Sexual Satisfaction Survey sought out the truth. Below are the three best sex tips, summarized from over one thousand respondents.

1. ORDER TAKE-OUT. You are guessing women’s favorite thing about sex is the “build-up” (dinner, movie, flirting beforehand) right? Guess again. The physical intimacy or foreplay before intercourse rates the highest. How come? For many women, foreplay is when they orgasm, so ixnay the double feature and go straight to heavy petting.

EXPERT ADVICE: Make sure to leave her satisfied, because if you don’t, someone else will. Men in the survey stated that their favorite part of sex is making their partner orgasm (35%).

2.  SHARPEN YOUR BEDROOM MOVES: After sex, is she part of that small 1% who rolls over and mutters, “Well, got that out of the way”? If so, it may be your game that needs changing, not your girl. Eighty percent of respondents from the survey reported that they feel they are “adventurous” when it comes to sex. EXPERT ADVICE: She’ll stay with a man who’s fun and creative in bed, so learn to broaden your horizons and skills set.

3. GET ONE.  You aren’t too keen on the anatomically correct purple one. But that wiggly rabbit one has always caught your eye. Our survey found that 1 in 5 guys has a vibrator in the back of his sock drawer. This could be one you are waiting to give your girl, one you consider yours (and hopefully disinfect from time to time), or one that really could pass for a back massager if the packaging didn’t have busty chick on it.

EXPERT ADVICE: Don’t be afraid to integrate vibrator play, especially when you’re on top. She’ll be into it. The survey found the favorite sex position for both males and females is to have their partner on top – which means that you can “penetrate and stimulate” at the same time.

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