The Average Joe

Foreign objects – not just for grown men in tights

So Hot Chick Kym is into bringing cinematic drama into the bedroom. That’s cool, I guess, but I’d go a different direction. Maybe it’s the kid in me who loved watching pro wrestlers pull brass knuckles from their waistbands and steel folding chairs from under the mat, but I’d much rather bring some foreign objects into the equation. And just like in pro wrestling, bedroom foreign objects don’t need to be elaborate, just unexpected. So pick out your foreign objects and hide them strategically. I don’t have a turnbuckle in my room, so I usually go with under the bed. Then wait for the right moment and start reaching. You’ll see the excitement grow as her eyes say… “oh my, what is he reaching for?” Bam! Massage oil! Kapow! Ice cubes. Kablammo! Steel chair… no, wait… blindfold. Things as simple as ice cubes, blindfolds and massage oil elevate the experience on their own… adding the element of surprise ratchets up the experience – pro wrestling style! Just don’t put her in a sleeper hold. That’s not the good kind of surprise.

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