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Carina Kolodny

Feminists make better lovers.

I was born and bred a feminist. And by feminist, I mean fierce, feisty champion of equality – just like every woman in my family. I don’t burn bras. I don’t hate on men. So I was shocked to hear my boyfriend talk about feminism with such disgust. Shock quickly turned to anger as I protested, “but I’m a feminist.” He literally laughed out loud. “You’re not a feminist,” he insisted.

When he thought of “feminism,” he didn’t think of me. He thought of some caricature: some angry anti-establishment lesbian who had spiky hair and didn’t shave.

Feminism, to me, is about equality. Not leg hair or guy-bashing . After all, I have great legs, I look hot as hell in lingerie and I’m a pretty big fan of dudes.

But enough about me and my rocking bod, let me give a bit of advice to all those who are turned off by “feminism.”

DON’T BE! Feminism isn’t scary and feminists don’t want to cut off your balls.

In fact, here’s my wild and crazy argument: feminists make better lovers.

Maybe a bit counter-intuitive but it’s TRUE. Feeling empowered translates to being more empowered in bed, which translates to more adventurous sex with bolder moves and superior satisfaction. A feminist isn’t afraid to push you onto the bed or talk dirty or get frisky. A feminist knows she has just as much right to pleasure and so she grabs it by the balls and has her way with it. A feminist doesn’t just “lay there.” She’s an active participant and she’s comfortable enough with herself to get spicy.

So here’s how it boils down: My name is Carina Kolodny and I’m a feminist. Embrace everything that comes with it – including all the rockstar style I bring to the bedroom.

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