The Average Joe

Commitment or FWB? Seems like everyone’s having fun.

So this week we get a look at the differences between people who are in a serious relationship and people who are in the friends with benefits (or as I like to call them “FWBers”) bucket. The first thing we learn this week is that those in serious relationships are most satisfied with their sex lives. No big surprise here. Instead of being worried about making a first impression, you can be more concerned with doing all the fun stuff that you like – trying new positions, spicing it up with various styles of condoms – whatever tickles your pickle. Figuratively. Maybe literally, too. I don’t know… it’s your pickle.

So while the committed types are most satisfied, the FWBers are most likely to play rough in the sack. I guess it’s safe to say the whole playing nice with your friends thing only applies in the sandbox, not the bedroom.

But hold the phone! Don’t be quick to think that people in a serious relationship don’t get freaky, too. In fact, this group is most likely to want to dominate, or be dominated by their significant other. I guess it’s true – being bad isn’t so bad, as long as you’re perfectly good at it.

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