The Average Joe

Cheating may get you quantity. Quality is another story.

As a guy who’s been on both sides of the cheating coin, I was curious about this list. First, I must say that my one trip into Cheaterviille was a long time ago. And the whole thing felt pretty scummy, so I swore it off for good.

So why cheat in the first place? Let’s face it, it’s hard to turn down a chance to add another notch to the bedpost. And as this week’s list shows, cheating lets you add to your list. Which is fine, if you’re looking for quantity over quality. But if you’re looking for quality, taking the time to explore with one person brings much better sex than once-and-done rolls in someone else’s hay. And list item 4 backs that up, showing that those who don’t cheat are more satisfied sexually – and actually have sex more often (just not with more people).

Now some of you may ask ‘What about long term affairs? If I cheat over and over with the same person, won’t I have both quantity and quality?’ Well, sure, if you’re a jerkwad.

So if you want to add to your list of partners and don’t mind being a total jerk, go ahead and cheat. But if you want quality sex and greater satisfaction, don’t stray.

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