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Can’t get no satisfaction? Here are some thoughts…

Wishing you had a better sex life? Well, thanks to this week’s list of survey results, we know more about what people with the most satisfying sex lives are doing behind closed doors. For example, out of everyone who says they are very satisfied with their sex lives, 62% are in a serious relationship. Makes sense I guess. Instead of having to go out and look for someone who is ready and willing, you know exactly who to turn to. Sure, the hunt can be fun sometimes but in the end, the only thing that matters is getting some action – right?

We also now know that those people who are very satisfied with their sex lives care most about getting their partners to orgasm. This means their satisfaction in bed relies on how good they make you feel. Talk about being a great team player! After all, there is no “i” in “great sex.”

Ever wish you could spice things up in bed? Well, apparently trying new styles of condoms is a great way to do exactly that. Just ask the most-satisfied set. They’re more willing than anyone to experiment with new condom styles. Remember what I said about re-thinking your friendships with those people who think condoms are boring? This is just more reason to do so.

This week’s list also tells us that, despite all the time we spend in the gym (or talking about going to the gym), personality is the number one trait that the most sexually satisfied people look for. So maybe spend more time working on your charm, instead of your lats.

There’s a bunch of other interesting tidbits in this week’s list about those people with the most satisfying sex lives. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m definitely going to study up on this stuff and figure out a way to work it all into my game.

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