The Average Joe

Average Joe chats it up.

Chat questions answered by Score Board member The Average Joe, our resident normal guy.

Q: Joe, would it really kill guys to call when they say they will? Would something bad actually happen?!

A:  No, it wouldn’t kill them. But, it’s also a good way for you to weed out losers.

Q: Not sure if you read Jake’s column from Glamour Magazine, but do you have any thoughts on this?

A: Just skimmed the article. Interesting stuff. When tallying my “number”, I only count people I’ve had sex with (intercourse). And for those inquiring minds, my number will be revealed with this week’s Score Board post.

Q: Hey Average Joe.  Sex on the beach… A do or don’t?

A: Definitely. Just use sunscreen… everywhere.

Q: Seems to be a double standard when it comes to having a high number. Do guys really judge girls to be more promiscuous if their number is high?

A: Hmmm… It’s hard to speak for all guys, but I’m not concerned with high numbers. It means you probably know what you’re doing. But it’s definitely a double standard… No argument here.

Q: Should I feel obligated to buy something at a sex toy party?

A: I’ve never been invited to a sex toy party (sniff). But I’d say, no. Don’t buy anything you don’t want.

Q: Regarding number of past girlfriends/partners? When I start dating– I ask, but always regret it. Should I stop asking?

A:  Asking is as uncomfortable for the askee as it is for the asker. So I’d definitely hold off at the start. But, as you get closer, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to ask. What about the answers do you regret?

Q: My girlfriend feels bad about the discrepancy in her number of partners compared to mine, how do I deal with this? Her number is much higher.

A: Not much you can do, but be honest and non-judgmental. If her experience made her better in bed, remind her. It can be a good thing!

Q: Do shows like teen mom glorify teen pregnancy or educate against it?

A: My personal opinion– I think they glorify it. Aren’t some of those moms getting magazine covers?

Q: Are there any surprisingly BAD places to do the dirty?

A: The department of motor vehicles.

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