The Hot Chick

A little bit of space between.

I’m glad the most sexually healthy bunch seems to be the several times a week or month crowd! They seem to be as interested in their partners’ satisfaction as their own, which – I’ve found – is the real trick to getting exactly what you want in return. And when they’re not getting it from each other, they take care of it themselves (most likely while thinking of their partner!)

In my opinion, the more time between romps, the more time spent fantasizing about your significant other. That way, when your craving for them is ultimately satisfied, the sex will be much hotter! You might not even make it through dinner before the clothes start tearing off! As impressed as I am with people who have sex multiple times a day, I think I’d prefer some time in between. While the anticipation may be a tease, the quality of the sex will be much more satisfying.

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