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A funny thing happened on the way to bed…

Is it the way you walk? Your mind-melting gaze? Is it your ability to make her friends like you? Nope. It’s your comedic skills. Brace yourself: according to the LifeStyles® Condoms Sexual Satisfaction Survey, when it comes to what females are looking for in a guy,  sense of humor is near the top of the list (only second to looks)!

However, here’s the catch: also at the top of the list is intelligence, faith and shared political views. Which means you should save the gross jokes that include belching, farting or making loud animal noises for your buddies.

There is a difference between the sexes in what is funny, so don’t be so quick to go out and polish up your best celebrity impersonations. Women like humor that is interactive and personally relevant. They also prefer talking face-to-face rather than listening to you standing on your soapbox dazzling the crowd with your vast selection of knock-knock the road jokes.

Here are five tips that will get her to smile, giggle and hopefully give you her number by the end of the night.

1. Ditch the monologues. Though it’s true, your ability to remember the entire script from your favorite movie is impressive, reciting the lines over and over is a very “guy” way to interact. In reality, the fact that you and your friends can bond and laugh your bladders empty re-enacting the same scene over and over is baffling to her.

2. Adjust your humor to match hers. Use that stealthy ability – you know, to improvise, adapt, and overcome – to notice that she is poker faced when you tell “yo mamma so fat” jokes, but despite her fair tresses, smiles at blonde jokes.

3. Resist the temptation to draw a crowd. Sure, she might like that you can command an audience, but if they are laughing at you – and not with you — she’ll probably retreat to the back row then slip away. Establish and keep eye contact between you and her.

4. Find her funny. That’s right… laugh at her jokes and have your interchange be about the banter between you and her. She is naturally wired to enjoy back-and-forth face-to-face interplay. That is just the way the female brain works. Simply being in your “audience” is just not as alluring to her.

5. Update your material. Sometimes women mean “witty” when they say “funny,” and that means a more delicate play on words or clever analogy than your tired hooker jokes.

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