School district’s Planned Parenthood decision leaves many confused

There are educational guidelines for how schools should go about sex ed, but often districts take it upon themselves as to what should be taught in the curriculum. One school board recently heard arguments about the way its schools teach health classes.

According to the Times Union, the Shenendehowa School Board in New York heard opinions on whether or not it should continue to use Planned Parenthood educators as part of the district's health curriculum. The district decided to discontinue the lessons recently, and many showed up to the meeting to voice their concerns.

For more than 20 years, teachers from Planned Parenthood have come to the school system to discuss everything from condom usage to sexually transmitted diseases to teen pregnancy. There were other topics covered depending on the age of the students. However, after receiving a number of parent complaints, the school district told the organization to stop sending guest speakers last October.

Many were left divided on the issue, but the news provider reports that some of the biggest qualms parents had was the way the school district handled the situation by not leaving it to an open discussion and instead just making a decision.

"As a school district, what we care about doing is ensuring that what we do always takes in consideration the best interests of our students first," Superintendent Dr. L. Oliver Robinson told local news affiliate YNN. "Sometimes we make decision people don't agree with, or maybe they don't agree with the timing of the decision, but we make it based upon various factors and information that we are privy to."

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