School can’t keep condom machine stocked

A newly installed condom machine at Drew University in New Jersey has been quite popular. It seems like the entire student body has caught spring fever, as the disperser was emptied twice within 24 hours, according to the school's newspaper The Acorn.

The machine, which offers students an easy way to make sure they are practicing safe sex, was installed just before spring break on March 18. A feminist organization known as WoCo installed the condom dispenser.

"After stocking the machine, it ran out of condoms within hours of the campus-wide email announcement," Emilyn Bona, a resident of WoCo, told the news source. "It was restocked that night and was empty again the following day."

Several students came forward and said they were happy that there was a machine dispensing free condoms on campus. Another representative from WoCo told the news source that he hoped students would respect the dispenser and not take advantage of the free service.

The new machine replaces a bin of condoms that was stolen from the school's Health Services office earlier in the year.

Condoms are one of the best forms of pregnancy prevention and protection from sexually transmitted infections.

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