San Fran celebrates 100 years of STD prevention

California's City by the Bay is celebrating 100 years of STD prevention, as it was a century ago when the Municipal Clinic in San Francisco opened its doors in an effort to address the growing problem of sexually transmitted infections, according to Edge San Francisco. However, times have changed immensely since those days.

Those who visited a sex clinic in San Fran 100 years would be referred to as "unfortunates," who suffered from "social maladies." The diseases themselves were given the blanket term, "venereal disease," a phrase that has mostly fallen out of favor in recent years.

"We try to have a much more positive attitude," Dr. Susan Philip, director of STD Prevention and Control at San Francisco's Department of Public Health, told the news source. However, she added that some practices, such as providing treatment for STDs free of charge and maintaining client confidentiality, were put in place during the early years of sexual health initiatives.

Advocates of safer sex education gathered on Monday, May 2, to hear speakers discuss the history of STD prevention in the city at an event titled 100 Years of Sex. Phillips spoke, along with Steven Tierney, president of the San Francisco Health Commission, according to the news source.

Other speakers discussed how times have changed. Dr. Gail Bolan, who began working in the field of STD prevention in the late 80s, talked about how syphilis had gone from a nonexistent issue to a serious health concern since her career began.

Phillips also spent some time remarking on the future, stating that "we're not done yet. We have miles to go," according to the news source.

There are still many people who don't know that wearing a condom is one of the best ways to protect themselves and their partners from sexually transmitted diseases, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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