Safe sex clinic aimed at adult film stars closes

Advocates of safe sex spoke out after the AIM Medical Associates group, which was known for providing condoms and other safer sex education materials, has closed. The organization, which was once known as the Adult Industry Medical Foundation, was funded by the adult film industry.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) released a statement about the closure of the facility. The STD prevention group is urging the industry to routinely use condoms in all of its films.

"Now that AIM has closed – and the industry 'fig leaf' is gone – the responsible thing for the industry to do is to put performers' health first and require condom use on all adult film sets," said president of AIDS Healthcare Foundation Michael Weinstein. "Testing adult film performers for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases is important, but has never been an effecting substitute for safer sex and condom use."

The clinics closure follows accusations that the group did not provide adequate care. The allegations came from a performer known as Derrick Burts, who was tested at the clinic and given a positive diagnosis in October. Additionally, a lawsuit launched by two former performers suggest that AIM violated their privacy.

On top of that, an illegal website similar to the famous Wikileaks released the personal data from more than 12,000 current and former adult movie performers.

The Los Angeles Times reports that this is not the first time that AIM has been shut down. Apparently they were closed by county public health officials shortly after the group opened their doors because of "business-related issues."

Those who are concerned about sexual health should be sure to wear a condom every time they have sex. This can greatly decrease the likelihood of contracting a sexually transmitted infection. 

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